Just got a 100 box of WWB at Wally

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  1. Scriz

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    Looks like much cleaner ammo than Independence. Same weight and all. A little over 16 bucks and a 45 minute wait at Walmart was all it cost me. Sporting goods guy was on "lunch" and had the only key. EH!

    Anyways, we'll see how they shoot tomorrow at the range. :p
  2. Thats all I ever shoot when I go to the range. WWB is very popular here.

  3. Space

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    Yep, WalMart is closing most of it's gun desks because they say they don't make money. However, every time I try to buy something there, can't find anyone.....so I spend my money elsewhere.
  4. I know my Wally World sells lots of WWB. Last time I went to the range I bought 3 - 100 round boxes of 9mm. There was a guy in line ahead of me that bought 2 - 100 round boxes of 9mm. They sold 500 rounds in 5 min time.
  5. Scriz

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    Well, I bought the last box they had in stock. Hope they get some more in, can't beat 100 rounds for 15 bucks.
  6. griff30

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    I need to check the prices locally
  7. First: I love, and my HPs love WWB, and, yes, I love Wally's prices.

    Second: I can rate the various Wally's within driving distance as "deadbeats" and "automats".

    I can walk into the nearest, and -- over and over -- I will never find _anyone_ at the counter in sporting goods. If memory serves, I may have bought a box or two here, but it's too painfull an experience to live through too often.

    The other, eight miles further and a lifetime away: I've yet to go to sporting goods when someone wasn't at the counter. Frequently, I have to wait behind some other ammo buyer.

    The difference? The first is in the 'burbs; the second is beyond that invisible boundary that separates soccer-mom development from the America of my youth.
  8. The one here in town either has 10 employees hanging around the counter or no one.
    My only complaint about WWB is that it shoots really dirty. The end of my JHP gets all kinds of carbon fouling. even the front sight turns black after 50 rounds. But it eats it like a fatkid eats cake!!!
  9. Kagern

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    I was at the local Wally buying .45ACP at 3am one morning (why are you looking at me like that?), and was rather shocked. It was the morning of deer opener, and there was a line probably 50 feet long up the counter, both registers. Almost all folks that had waited till the morning of to pick up deer tags. I felt sorry for the two girls behind the counter, I know the one was sporting goods, but from what I heard they grabbed the other one from cashiering to come back and help, hehe.
  10. You'll have to explain to me what the problem is with shopping at 3am, 'cause I shop and do other such stuff in the middle of the night all the time. I love living in a city that is totally 24/7. Even Barnes & Noble is open past 1 a.m.

  11. Ridge

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    My friends and I went there once to go buy some ammo for a day at the range...manager running around for half an hour trying to find the key to the case, we said forget it and shopped at the range...
  12. Kagern

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    Nothing actually. I really miss living in Orlando, everything was open late. There was even a 24 hour Big-A autoparts store (of course, it was in the middle of a neighborhood that no one would want to go in to after dark, but it was there!). I'm in Smalltown Minnesota now, and it seems like they roll up the sidewalks at 10. Even the pizza places close at 10! A complete list of places open after 10... Wally World; McDonalds; SuperAmerica (gas station/Quiky-Mart);Perkins;and a goth shop. Everything else is at least a 20 minute drive.
  13. Ridge

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    Couple years ago was in Orlando at a hotel room...gas station down below...everybody came out when this black lambo pulled in :)
  14. There are two main folks that work at the sporting goods counter at my local Wally-World. They're ususally walking around the isles, but when they see me they know that I want ammo, so they just make their way over to the counter and help me out. Those two guys are OK. I guess it all depends on who works there, y'know.
  15. condition1

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    AR, for better or worse, is the home of WalMart. We probably have more per capita than any other state. I never have problems buying ammo at any of the 12 within a 20 mile radius. They always have my Remington yellow box (.40 not 9mm). May be because we also have a Remington ammo factory a little east of town.
    Like it, hate it, whatever, Walmart has most things you need. Cheaper than most places.
  16. Joe Sixpack

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    every time i try to buy ammo at the wally word i visit the most, almost always sold out..

    they tell me they never have any in teh store room.. just whats on the shelf..

    almost always sold out of 9mm 100 packs ( i have yet to actually buy some from them, always sold out)
    they only keep about 10 boxes of federal 550 .22lr packs on the shelf.. i cleaned them out one day i asked for 10 they only had 9.

    they never have hollow points.. i asked for some wwb jhp's.. they never have them..

    either they sell a crap load of ammo or they never stock it one of the two.
  17. Scriz

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    Well, I just went back to that same Walmart and there was 3 people at the the sporting goods desk, and they had about 15-20 boxes of WWB 9mm 100 pack. Wanted to clean them out but I forgot the old check card! Gonna hit em up tomorrow.
  18. One Wal-mart here won't sell pistol or rifle ammo after 10PM, but I can buy 100 round boxes of 12 ga all night because they're on an open shelf and not locked up. Go figure.
  19. Joe Sixpack

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    ya i noticed this as well.. i dont know when or if there is a cut off for ammo.. but the shot gun shells are on the shelf.. makes no sense.

    picked up some 100 packs of 9mm tonight at wally world.. they actually had some in this time.. no hallow points though.. they never have hallow points.
  20. I've bought 1,500 rds of the WWB in the last two weeks...cleaned off one shelf, cleaned off another half shelf and will finish that shelf off Fri when I get paid...:D