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I think the HP's are gateway guns and the addiction is spreading.C9 X2 and JHP .45 .

I found these 2 at 2 different Pawn shops.I did some research on them both before I bought them.

Are they 2 good finds? Paid 150 for CZ52 and (gulp) 375 plus tax for SKS.

SKS is in cosmoline.I've broken it down.Looks like it was never fired.The valve looks brand new.

Any suggestions? I saw some familiar names on a SKS forum.Are they you guys on HP forum?


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Yeah, I think I'm on the high side on the SKS .But, by the time you pay shipping and FFL....
I was looking at a lot of on line sites that said they were 250 or so but,they were sold out.
Also, if it wasn't in the unused shape it was in,I would have passed on it.
I'll join that survivors SKS forum.It looks pretty popular.
I've been reading on how to de-cosmoline it. I think I'll boil most parts.I also have a infrared heater I use for powder coating.I wonder if I keep it not too close,if I can melt it out of the stock.
I see you want to take the firing pin out and clean it good so no slam firing.And check the trigger sear alignment.

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I think is natural hardwood.(beech wood?)Its a dull dark brown. I just found out from the serial number its a J model from around 1973.pictures are on the way.

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its hard to say what the finis is .I baked the gas tube and it almost seemed like it had some shelack in it.I had to scrape it off and wipe the cosmoline.But the stock doesn't look shelacked.Its a dark brown.here is a picture but I had already broke it down.I cleaning it now.I think a cleaning of one of these guns should add $100 to the price.



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I did the stock in the oven a couple of days ago. It took about 2 hours before no more cosmo was coming out.Then I just wiped it down With a towel with a little parts cleaner just to clean the surface.
Its pretty dry feeling.should I put some sort of treatment on it ?

I cleaned the trigger group.I checked the engagement and it goes back slightly before it goes forward so I think that's what you want?

Last step will be cleaning barrel.I got a shallow paint pan I'll put parts cleaner in .

I'll post pics when done.

Thanks Rich
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