just got a tapco sks mag

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    i loaded it up and put it in the gun released the bolt and it jammedso i took out the mag and put the ammo back in then released the bolt hard and it fed i thought this was weird im also using hp's and i noticed the ends were dented has any one else experienced this problem.

    i will shoot in a couple of hours to see how it does.
  2. Yes, please keep us posted. A lot of folks on here have the tapco mag for the SKS and swear by the thing. but you never know. If there is a problem with it, we need to know. Especially those of us who are considering purchasing one but just haven't committed yet.

  3. rodka

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    i was going to fire it today but was too busy so i will fire tommorow hope they work cause if they dont im going to sell my sks and buy a hi point carbine. i only bought the sks cause i heard the tapco mags work and if they dont i dont want the rifle. (not a fan of the fixed 10rd mag)
  4. I would call TAPCO if I were you.

    I've sold a bunch of these and have only had one returned - because it will only hold 19 rounds.

    I've had several people come back for more, too.
  5. rodka

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    hope they work.

    mine only held 19rds then i took it apart, the spring was getting stuck or something then i put it back together and it held 20rds again.

    ive only cycled the rounds not fired yet but when it jams the bullet get stuck right outside the chamber and the bullet gets tapped down into the casing.
  6. what make is your sks?

    Like dave said, they work very very well for just about everybody. Seem like I even heard something where somebody contacted tapco because they had a similar issue as you and tapco jumped on it to figure out what was wrong and correct it. if it won't work right definitely give them a call.
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    its a norinco

    im going to call tommorow after the test firing if there is a problem
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    had about 6 jams per mag with the so called "miracle mags" im pretty frustrated at them. i wouldnt but them if you were looking at them.

    im going to move on and sell my sks to get a hi point carbine.