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  1. Since the ATI is definitly thicker and stouter than the factory, couldnt a person hog out the magwell to accept a double stack mag?
  2. First off:


    Secondly, I had posted this before but I think it was on the old forum... so here it is again.

    The problem is not the space in the grip... its the mag well of the carbine.


    Here is the a picture of a a double stack, the 995 mag and the carbine.


    Single stack = Fit. :)


    Double stack = No fit. :cry:


    So unless you come up with a follower that can go from double stack to single stack or find a way to screw up your carbine my modifying the mag well......it will be very unlikely that you will be able to fit a doublestack mag into this carbine........CASE CLOSED!!!

  3. Yes. YesYesYes. "Search" is your friend. The flogger is not.
  4. Relax, the guy's got 18 posts. Its no different than the "Who likes the ATI stock" threads.
  5. There may be someone out there that is good at modding metal components and would be willing to work on opening up the mag well for a double stack mag.

    Most anything is possible, just sometimes hard to do.
  6. Well, I'm sure it can be done but just for reference, the outside of the mag well is .74" and the double stack mag is .75"..... also, the trigger mechanism is one one side so it would take new sear and the such.

    Also, what good would that be for the rest of us.
  7. All I know is that there are people that take saigas and make a good living turning them from what they were from the factory to what the customers want.

    Im getting ready to spend 500 or so to get my saiga 12 shotty modded.

    It may be that a Hi Point would not be worth spending that much money or effort on, but if someone could do it to their own, they may be happier with it.

    I know I would love to have a 995 that held a 20 rd double stack mag, if there is such a thing :)
  8. Where there is a will there is a way. I'm sure someone out there is determined to make it work with a double stack. I know I won't.
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    That is the first time I have ever seen that dead horse animation. I think that made my day!
  10. We can spend all the time, money, and energy to cram a square peg into a round hole, or....we can just buy a carbine that accepts double stack mags. Complaining about your $200 gun not accepting double stack mags is like complaining about not being able to find rims for your Plymouth Horizon.
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    No photoshop on this box and the GIMP seems like too much work, so here's some MS Paint artwork. Solid Edge it's not, so use some imagination.

    shouldn't something like this feed OK until the last three rounds left in the throat? I can get 9mm parabellum rounds for <$8/50, which is $0.16 per round. leaving three rounds in the throat to "prime" the mag would cost $0.48. Want a 20 round mag? Build one of these with a 23 round capacity and leave the last three in.
  12. Hey I used to have a Plymouth Horizon :p

    But I agree why spend the money to try to convert a 995 into something its not when there are other options for a double stack carbine.
  13. In my case at least, its not complaining, but more the challenge of thinking outside the box to come up with something different.

    If I was obsessed with a hi cap carbine, I would do like you said and buy something else.

    Its just the idea of taking something and making it better that strikes my fancy.
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    :roll: non-engineers
  15. Jesus....it was just an idea, one that I though was original.
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    An idea, yes, original, no.
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    Don't worry Maaso. This idea has been kicked around, welded up, broken down, and generally misengineered since the 995 was brought out. However, keep thinking outside the box. Some of these stodgy old f**ts around here just don't believe it can be done but I think it will be. I just don't have the skills to build what I have been thinking of.

    Another thing would be to make the follower about 3 cartridges long. Then it will act as the extra cartridges in the mag. In other words, make a 23 round mag with a follower that is 3 rounds deep. This would give you 20 rounds without any live rounds left in the magazine. :idea:
  18. I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk, I don't mean it. I may not have a lot of posts, but I've been lurking for three years now, and it seems like double-stack mags, along with the ATI stock and the 15-round magazine are constantly being discussed here. And the answer for this is always the same: it can't be done. In all my time here, I've only seen one person follow through and increase magazine capacity beyond 15 rounds, and that's the guy who actually went through with modding one of those suomi drum magazines.

    And to any Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni owners/enthusiasts, my profound apologies.
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    there will probably sooner or later be a few people that spend the effort and time to do this sort of modification but since it probably will never be simple enough for a DIY'er we're mostly stuck with single stack ideas.

    it would be nice if hi-point realized the desire and made the modifications or perhaps their next generation was double stack but i've heard from several people on this board (which may or may not know what they are talking about) that hi-point has no plans to make hi-cap mags.

    alas i am forced to also see that this is rather be it truth or speculation a logical assumption none the less.

    I think hi-point has no intention of anything over 10 rounds :/

    i do not like the kel-tec's design however one outfitted for glock mags can take up to 33rd factory mags.. and that is pretty sweet imo.

    i reckon that a kel-tec would be a better platform for dressing up if hi-caps are desired, and i'll probably get one at some point anyhow.
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    That thought crossed my mind when I was mocking up that diagram that I posted. It would have to be some sort of dynamic follower (i.e. move back and forth to sit like the double stack in the fat portion yet feed through the neck in the skinny portion so that they push out the last three live rounds). If live rounds are a concern toss three snap caps in there and consider them part of the follower.