Just got back from the range

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    I took my 995 and my Sig P229R only today.
    First time with the Sig......FANTASTIC!!!!! What a sweet pistol! I have it in .40 S&W and I bought the .357sig barrel,and both functioned perfectly.
    I do need to adjust the sights as it was hitting way left and low.

    Also first time with the 995 in the new ATI stock,and again it ran perfectly,just had to adjust rear sight a few clicks left.

    Unfortunately we couldn't stay long,was way too windy and cold.
    I was at the 25 yard area,and next time I hope to get it sighted on the 50 then finally 100 yards.

    Other than the weather it was a GREAT day.

    Both firearms are a dream to shoot!
  2. Congrats on the range time!

    Don't forget to check out GlockMan's sticky post "How to find the X ring" if you need tips on sighting in your 995 peep sights.

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    I, too, got some range time with my 995. I had to readjust the sights because the front sight came loose when I was installing the ATI stock. It was raining and windy and my glass kept fogging up, I but I think I got it fairly spot on. I was hitting the ten ring at 25 yards and was getting passable groups at 50. Like a fool I forgot to bring my gridded targets so I couldn't be 'scientific' about adjusting the rear sight.

    I'll tell ya, since I got the compensator and Rock Mount this gun has been an absolute dream to shoot. I do believe I have found my zombie apocalypse gun.