Just got my (2) T53s from Omega--now with picts!

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  1. I went and picked my (2) T53s from my FFL this morning-- and while I expected them to be rough, I was suprised to find them in a near shhoting grade of quality!!

    They had minimal cosmoline, and the main issue besides the dinged up wood was a good helping of Chinese sand throughout. I spent a couple of hours working on the worst one outside today, and got the stock about 80% stripped and sanded, and the entire action-- receiver-- and all metal goodies (including bayo) cleaned up and gunk free. I am not sure if I will make a go at blueing them or not. They still have a good deal of their original blueing, and I have a friend that used to be a USMC shooting team armorer that has offered to hard chrome guns for a minimal (free, a case of beer, some bullets, etc-- whatever I want to give him), so I may take him up on whichever comes ot prettier.

    They are both missing their cleaning rods, but those can be had for a song--

    I compared them to my Gander Mtn M44-- while it is cleaner and prettier, the actions on the Chinese rifles is butter--

    I am going to get them both done up and then get the headspce checked. I really bought these more as a progect, so @ $35 a piece, I am already happy!!


    and one with the required foot capture---


    I will post more when complete.
  2. Nice find. Have you thought about the ATI stock at all?? Looks like these may be perfect candidates for that. Enjoy!! :lol:

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    I have 3 of these I bought from Don at Omega Weapons. Just before I started to work on the wood, I discovered this information, posted by the guy that works with Don @ Omega.
    Thought I would pass it on:

    "Those wanting to restore the stocks...... might wanna hold off and put the original away just mount the action in a russian stock, (many came that way) the beatup stock is a characteristic of ALL T-53s its a result of how the chinese shipped all 3500 that ever got imported back before Clinton banned export from china, if ya ever see a T53 in a cherry stock its a dead givaway its not original, even my unissued ones are in the same condition, The chinese shipped em by running from village to village collecting them up in trucks they were tied like firewood 10 to a bundle with bailing wire tightened around each bundle then thrown in the bed of the trucks at the warehouse they were then stacked again like firewood 20 bundles per pallet then tied yet again and thats how they arrived at Don's and another importer who refinished all of theire they sold back in the early 90s...... Don has the only original as recieved ones available in the country........."
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    But they're not all that collectible are they?
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    They will be... We faced these in Vietnam, I do not know the numbers that were made. But from a history stand point they will be more collectible then the Mosin. But it will take some time....
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    Ari, you are correct!

    Out of 3500 that came to the USA, Omega got 2000 of them.
    These are the only ones that did not get refinished. Of those 2000, It sounds like a great many have already been refinished by those that bought them from Omega.
    So if you have one that is in "As it was imported" condition, you have something that will soon be hard to find.
    To the growing group of Mosin collectors and Viet Nam collectors, this is fairly important.
    There was a time , not long ago, that an M1 Carbine was considered "not all that collectible" and could be had at surplus stores for next to nothing.
    Like Ari implies, only time will tell.
  7. And you dont see them for sale as often as you do the Mosins, you may be better off just cleaning them up, getting the head spaces checked and enjoying them as they are.

    Like Ari said, they could well be a rifle that was used against us in Vietnam, and thus have a historical value to them.
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  9. Oh well. Too late for mine. But I didn't buy them to collect anyway, I got 'em for grins and giggles, and they have supplied many. I've never fired them and probably never will.

    BTW. Don told me that he checks the headspace on all of them before they ship them. Won't hurt to have it checked again though.

    Here's two of mine. Before.


    And after.

    I had a third one, but I gave it to the young fellow who used to live next to me, and cut my grass for a couple of years. He wouldn't take any money for it. He just liked to play with his lawn tractor. :lol: