Just got my 4095 back from the factory!

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    Some of you may remember my post regarding my "chipped feed ramp" on the old forum, Here is a photo of it, Notice the far left of the feed ramp and the top left is chipped


    Well the good news is this. I sent it in about 3 weeks ago. Got it back today. Feedramp fixed and top also fixed! Apparantly the problem I was having was due to a bent firing pin and some bad ejector hardware. Also I sent in my 4095 with one mag and it came back with an extra! That is what I call taking care of your customer. There was a note with it saying..."Sorry for any inconvienence, Here is an extra mag for your trouble. Happy Holidays!" That's it I'm now sold for good. I already own a 4095 and a c-9 and bought myself a .40 cal for my own Christmas present. I think I will go and buy a 995 and .45 cal just to show my gratitude for their great customer service! When I have the entire Hi Point family together, I'll take a "Family Photo!"
  2. Glad to hear that they took good care of you, you really wont hear many complaints as far as their customer support policies :D

  3. Awesome stuff Hop, glad you got your baby home.