Just got my 45acp and could this be possible.

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    I hope my new scale is wrong because I have to add grams on it and the scale says my loaded 45 weighs 54 oz.
    If It is, it is still comfortable in my hand but come on 54 oz.
  2. jbander

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    I'll weigh a lb on my gram scale in my pottery and check my new scale that I used to weigh the .45. I'll get back to people tomorrow.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    16 Ounces is 453.6 grams, about.

    So you are saying you got about 1470 grams?

    Btw, my scale shows my empty JHP at 46 ounces with mag. So if 9 .45 ACP rounds weigh 8 ounces, we agree.

    And I checked, and one source says 9 .45 ACP is about 7 ounces, so I'm saying you are right on.

    A loaded 1911 is about 3 lbs or 48 ounces, so it's not that different.
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  4. In the world of wonder 9's everypne is a weakling.

    Yeah the old steel and new blowbacks are fat
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    Well the scale is new and it did have a oz measurement on it. it's a small battery operated scale but I have seen the 9 and 45 weight promoted in ads of not more then 35 oz and have seen it at 32 oz. multiple times. I've never seen one add with the real numbers on it. Not that I really care, when I run out of bullets , I'll throw it at them. Thanks for the response.
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    Nah. A 1911 isn't that "fat." It's about 1" wide at the slide and about 1.5" wide at the grip. But it is long, tall, and heavy!

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