Just got my 995 for Christmas

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by joebob88, Jan 14, 2008.

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    I have been checking this site for a while. I have always wanted a 995 since my cousin showed me his. I work for Leather Guns Etc. so I got it at cost. I also own a Ruger Mark 2, American arms derringer, Mossberg 410, Marlin 60 22lr and a H&R 20 ga. and plenty of ammo. I have every thing planned for getting to where I want to be when the SHTF. Has anyone considered a windmill, powering a car alternator, it can charge a 12 volt battery. Include a inverter from e bay or your nearest rv dealer and you have 110 volts. A solar charger would work but only during the day. Sorry for the long post I'm new here. Looking forward to chatting with my new friends. Joe
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    Congrats on the 995.

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    New Menber

    I think I have everything figured out except water filtration and re charging my 12 volt battery. I know of a place where deer, Squirrel and rabbit are abundant. No problem there. I just hope no one else knows about this place.
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    And if it ever gets too bad the rest of us will count on you to keep them texans down where they belong. ;)
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    Red River

    I will be on Red River on a small boat. I won't need my truck. I'm going to live a life that don't include money or help from anyone.
  6. way things are goin you might have the right idea man :roll:
  7. Welcome Joebob, sounds like you have some good ideas. I look forward to reading your posts! I agree, stock up on essentials for survival .... while there is still time. :shock:
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    My wife thinks I'm crazy

    I told her that I know it might not ever happen while I'm alive but if I'm not prepared I'm in trouble. I will know when it's time to go. God gave us enough sense to take care of ourselves and in the woods is where I know my stuff. My plan is so thought out that if I can make it down river and tap into a water line I know about, I won't haft to filter water and I can charge my batteries at night. If theres no meter, theres no charge. Free energy. I'm full of ideas. Joe
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    I have 6 guns. 2 pistols, two shotguns, a 22lr rifle and a 995. Buy AMMO. They know they can't have our guns but there's not a law about ammo, Joe
  10. Welcome to the forum joebob88, glad you're with us.