Just got my C-9 and wondering about the checklist

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    I just picked up my new C9 yesterday at a gun show(149 out the door)and I won't be able to go shoot it for about a week(work schedule, etc.). What's the general checklist of things to do to the gun to minimize any problems at the start?

    1. clean the gun
    2. load magazine and leave it full
    3. polishing feed ramp. Is this really necessary or should I wait until after I've shot it?

    Just want to do everything I should to make the "break in" experience a good one.

    Thanks in advance and I can't wait to outshoot my Kimber brothers with my HP :)
  2. I recently got a new C9. I loaded the magazines for a few days. Took it to the range and ran 200 rounds through it with one ftf @ about round 180. Didn't do anything else before shooting it, and it didn't need anything.
    Take it shooting and have fun! Report back.

  3. First, welcome to the fold!

    Second - I haven't adjusted a single thing on my C-9's and both have run perfect since day 1. So, go shoot and see what you got before you do anything, that's my input.

    Have fun, stay safe, and let us now how it goes!
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    +1 on just trying it out as is. it may not need it, and i'm all about not working unless it's needed.
  5. You shouldn't need to do much but I HIGHLY recommend giving it a light cleaning. Swab out the barrel & the feed ramp & then lightly oil it.
    I would oil the barrel, feed ramp, trigger, mag release, safety, slide & according to most I would clean & lube the magazine too.

    Not too much for you to do & it should get rid of the gunk they use at the factory & help everything work smoothly.
  6. Remove 2 rounds from the mag before shooting the first few trips to the range (or 400 - 800 rounds WCF).
  7. Didn't do a thing to mine. Took it to the range about 3 days after getting it and ran about 50 rounds through it. Not a problem whatsoever with it. Since then I have run another 50 to 80 rounds through it and still no problem. I have shot FMJ and JHP's through it and no problems.

    Like everyone else has said...take it to the range and shoot.

    Only suggestion I may want to make is if you get a 10 round mag for it, you may have issues. Seems like everytime I shoot the 10 round mag I have a FTF on the first round. After that everything works flawlessly. It may have to deal with the mag spring tension. I read something about that in regard to the 10 round mags. Both 8 round mags that I have work perfect.
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    Now with my 995 and the c9 and my mouse gun (Kel-Tec) 50 rounds won't even load all my mags. <sigh> Now to work up a good load for Lead cast bullets...

    BTW I havn't tried the WWB ammo in my carbine, but had LOTs of problems with it in the C9. Any mag. Found out that the round was just a few thousands of an inch longer than the no problem Remingtons or Wolf ammo. So I ran the wwb ammo through the bullet seating die and the problems went away.

    For my two HPs the Remmington FJ ammo seems about the best. My hollow point ammo is for "social purposes". Too expensive for every day can killing and shot shell topping, and oh yeah, the sometimes Zombi. :^D

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    I let both my 8 and 10 round mags sit for a week before taking it to the range. I didnt do anything else to the gun, and both mags fed just fine when fully loaded, not a single problem!!!