Just Got The 995 Carbine (pics)

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by timophy, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. timophy

    timophy Guest

    Just got the gun yesterday. I bought the 15 round magazine too. I shot 400 rounds through it so far, and it worked great. This gun is awesome and A lot of fun.

    I already ordered the ATI stock and a compensator. I will post pics when they arrive.

    Here is the gun with the 15 round magazine out:

    Here is the gun with the 15 round magazine in:

    And here is my girlfriend holding the 995:
  2. griff30

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    Nice rifle bud. Nice girlfriend too. You had luck with the 15 rounder? I am picking up another 10 round and taking it and one of my soumi drums to a welder. 72 rounds of drum love.

  3. ChrisP

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    I get mine on Wed and will hit the range with it on Friday!
  4. Good luck on that drum. A good welder will make sure it stays conected.The welds should be fairly smooth. When it's done get it powder coated. It will look great.
    And post pic's, got to see what it looks like.
  5. Welcome to the forum, cute girlfriend, and you had luck with the 15 rd mag too? Man, some people have all of the luck ;)
  6. Wow, how'd you get her to take the pic wth the gun? I can't get my wife to do that. :)
  7. timophy

    timophy Guest

    Thanks for the great responses guys. I am just waiting for my ATI stock now. The 15 mag. might not fit so great then.. from what i've been reading on the forum.

    As for my girlfriend, she is great - she just happened to be holding it so i snapped a pic.
  8. Sweet on all counts! Welcome to the fold.
  9. With the 15 round mags, it does look a little strange