Just got the deal of a lifetime on a C9

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    I helped my dad set his range back up when I got my 995. Within a couple weeks we decided we would shoot every Sunday before the game. When my half brother hears we rebuilt the range he decides to come out. He shows up with 7 hand guns (a c9 and the .40 included)and a tec-9. I heckled him and I think I confused him because his embarassed response blew me away. "Yeah, I've got more at home but I have never shot most of these"

    So my brother doesn't know a whole lot about guns. I think I shot his guns more than he did, but he was excited to watch me and talk about guns. He just kept loading mags and saying "Try this one! What do you think of this?" We got to the tec-9. Given the pop culture reputation this would be the gun I would expect my brother to have. I loaded up a mag and FTF on the first shot. I racked the bolt, and went through the whole mag with no other issues (except accuracy). We went on shooting other things until I convinced him to shoot the Tec-9 himself. We had about 5 FTF in a row. We dropped mag and cleared. Not one of the rounds had so much as a ding. I offered to try to fix it for him when we were done shooting, explaining there was probably just some kind of issue with the firing pin.

    At the end of the day when we were cleaning up, he handed me the C9 and told me I could have it for fixing the tec-9! Suhweet!

    I already broke down the Tec-9 and had to adjust the extractor pin. It was blocking the round from lying flat on the bolt face. 5 rounds with no issues told me everything was in order, but I need to bring more bullets over to my Dad's. If there are any more issues, the extractor is a little chewed up (like me) but it will only cost me 30 bucks to replace! C9 for 30 bucks? And I get to tear apart a Tec-9 and fix it? YES PLEASE ;)

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    I owned a Tec-9 for abut 8 years. I could never shoot a whole 31rd mag, with any kind of ammo? I traded it for a Kahr CM-9. It didn't shoot any better.
    The Tech-9 couldn't hit the broad side of a barn either!
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    I'll give you $36 for the C9. That is a 20% profit so you come out ahead and I will pay the shipping. :D;)
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    When you stop looking at the pop culture reputation of the tec-9 (which is why my brother has it) and look at the big picture, it really doesn't look like that great of a gun.

    People have been known to call it the Jam-O-Matic. I can see why. I don't know about any of the other models, but the sights on his don't really appear to be adjustable. I bore sighted it while I was playing with it and it's shooting way low from POA. The front sight looks like something I may be able to adjust just by bending it into a different shape to match the bore.

    I am hoping with some fine tuning I can make it at least somewhat accurate/reliable for him, but it will probably just sit in his safe for another 6 months to a year then get traded away...
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    Back in the day of the Miami Vice TV series the Tec-9 and the Mac-10 ruled....
    Libs like 'em too :D

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    try standing inside the barn...
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    A friend of mine had a Tek-9 and it worked flawlessly. Shot barn sized groups at 25 yds but it operated great. Of course he paid a gunsmith a bit of cash to make it that way.;)
  9. C9 for $30?
    So you paid almost full blown retail for it? :D;)

    Kidding of course...great deal for you.
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    God I want a tec-9
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    Now, that sounds like a Prayer to me!
    I use that one from time to time?