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Just joined the fold

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Well I've been lurking here awhile. Finally found a way to finance a new 995 (haven't seen any used around here) and ordered one. Picked it up today at lunch. $278 out the door after taxes. Now I just have to tell the wife about it :angel: I sold off a handgun to raise the money, but never told her. Hey we aren't out any cash, should be OK....... right???? Thinking about heading out and checking it out for lunch tomorrow. If I had the targets and ammo, I'd have headed over for a quick check after picking it up (they even had ammo at Wal mart when I ran by... I just spent my ammo money monday and have that at home).

Thinking about going with a cheap red dot sight on it. I do plan to be painting the carbine. Planning on a desert camo pattern (we have land in west TX). I'll post pics as I go.

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Welcome to HPFF! We love 995s around here and will be waiting for those pics! Congratulations on your purchase :)
:welcome:Doc and enjoy the new toy. Do send the pics when you get her done.
:welcome: from IL, glad to see another carbine owner here.
:welcome: from fort smith arkansas
congradulations on the purchase.youll love the 995
:welcome: from fl. enjoy
i love mine very fun to shoot
Howdy Doc! Weclome to the forum from TN. Don't try to jistify it :D just bite the boolit.
Thanks guys. Hope to get to the range Sat. Wife wasn't too put out with it. Could tell she wasn't extremely pleased. Asked if I was done buying guns for a while. Just have a nice side by side 12 ga. at the local shop I want. I'd swear it was one my ex had me get rid of years ago. Should be pretty set after that one.

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