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Ordered my C9 and carbine after reading so much stuff about them. Some bad some good. I guess I wanted to find out for myself.
If anyone can share their thoughts on both I would appreciate it.

Hope I didnt waste my money!

Well ive had my 9mm carbine for over a month now and i got a C9 2 weeks ago. im completely satisfied with both. virtually no problems with the carbine and only minor stuff with the c9. i dont reccomend winchester "white box" fmj target rounds because they have given me some failure-to-feed issues with the c9. nothin major but a bit annoying having to tap the slide every few rounds. i dont think hi-point reccomends winchester ammo anyways but its the cheapest.
its a good idea to leave your magazines fully loaded when your not out shooting cause it will break in the springs and make them easier to load. a note on the mags is the 10-rounder out of your carbine will work in the c9 but not the other way around. my carbines mag doesnt seem to feed 100% reliably in the c9 but its kinda handy to know that you CAN use it. another thing id like to mention is that if you want a holster for the c9, id reccomend the paddle-lite by Galco. it has served me well and they make one just for the c9. mine is black leather with a plastic "paddle" to keep the rig positioned on your belt. the gun is very secure and its a nice looking rig. they even have "HI-POINT FIREARMS" burned into the leather. mine cost 30$ at the gun show where i got the pistol.
i love to squirrel hunt when its not deer or turkey season and both these guns are really fun in the squirrel woods! to give an example of the accuracy of the c9 - i shot a squirrel the other day at 30 yards with no rest...thats awesome accuracy for a pistol right there! and the carbine is extremly effective now that its wearing a red dot sight. i love the peep sight but its hard to see small targets in low-light conditions, especially with a dark target on a dark background. (like a squirrel in a tree)
i thought the grips on the c9 were a bit slippery so i cut a small section out of a bike inner-tube and slipped it on the c9. works great! and i put one on my carbine for good measure.
i love these guns so much and ive been shooting them so much that i plan on buying a reloading kit as soon as possible!!! its amazing how fast you can run out of ammo with good reliable old guns like these hi-points!
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