Just picked up my Heritage Single Six!

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    Well I picked up my Heritage Single Six today from my dealer. The model I wanted wasn't in stock and was ordered. Now that I have it home, and gave it a close inspection I'm concerned about something.

    The weapon was ordered NIB. I did get all appropriate paperwork, and even the little yellow envelope from the factory that includes the actual empty casing used to test the weapon in terms of proper functioning. On a side note it's very cool that Heritage includes the casing of the round that was fired for testing.

    Anywho, I noticed something on the frame that conerns me. I know these aren't top of the line single actions, and not to expect the quality of a Colt, but I noticed some pitting and what appears to be missing blueing on the frame on the right side, just behind the shell ejector. I was surprised to see that kind of pitting on a NIB firearm. None of my HP's had this kind of pitting.

    Anyone who owns one of these notice any obvious pitting and inperfections on the frames of their Heritage Single Action's? I think I'm going to take it back to the dealer tomorrow and have them look at it. I don't want them to think I'm being a pain in the a$$ but again this is supposed to be NIB. I wouldn't expect the pitting like this. I take very good care of my firearms, and I'm picky on keeping them in good shape in function and appearance.

    Any suggestions.
  2. I would definitely take it back if your not happy. Compare it to any other Heritage models they may have on display or in the back store. If all of them have the same condition then I would probably accept it as quirks of the brand and take it back home. If the other Heritages don't have it then I would want it returned or exchanged for one with a better finish.

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    That's what I plan on doing. I'm going to have them compare it to other Heritages they have on display. If they appear to have these imperfections, then I'll accept it and move on.

    I did talk with the Heritage Arms Corp yesterday evening. I explained there appears to be some pitting, scratches, and appears to be portions of the blue finish chipped away as well. The woman explained to me that if a weapon looked like that upon inspection it never would have left the factory.

    I don't want the store to think Im being a pain in the a$$ either. I've bought many guns from them, and I don't want this to ruin the customer relationship I've built with them. The spot isn't really huge, but quite noticable under good lighting. My wife who knows nothing about firearms (who looked at me completey confused when I said it's pitted, and flakes of the blueing is missing), but when she looked at it, even to her unfamiliar eyes could see it was obviously scratched, and and had chips in the finish.

    I'll keep you guys posted.

  4. You mention you have hesitancy in going and complaining where you bought the gun, due to your relationship there. Is it a one sided relationship? Your money here, I would go complain and have them replace it.
  5. Let us know what they end up doing about it, that sounds like a flaw that someone at the gun store may be responsible for....
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    I would think that THEY would want to take care of you and keep good customer relations. If you've bought several guns from them they should do whatever it takes to keep you coming back...that's customer relations, give them a chance to keep your business.
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    All is well now. The store was very good to me in dealing with it. I know they want to keep a good customer relationship, but things can get crazy in no time with some dealers. Off the top I made it clear I didn't want them to feel I was pointing the finger at them.

    They were very nice, as we went to the display and pulled out ALL the models they have by the maker. Well they ALL had slight inperfections in them. They took a very close look at mine to make sure I wasn't missing any of the finish, and thankfully mine wasn't.

    Here's the thing. Heritage makes a very affordable single action. Heritages are essentially the Hi-Points of Single Action Revolvers. They're well built, reliable, and very affordable. So you can't expect the quality of a Colt, and you may have slight inperfections here and there, but anything that's considered major will be covered by the warranty. My spot wasn't extremely huge, and it only caught my attention under good lighting, but I felt the need to at least have it checked out considering the weapon was NIB.

    My main conern was that if any finish is missing that this particular area would need some extra attention between shooting as oiling would be required more in this area to prevent rusting. What I did find out made me a little happier. The frames on a Heritage are actually allum. and not steel. The cyl. and bar. are steel however. So I don't have to worry about the frame rusting :) The cyl. and bar. are exceptional, and very smooth with no imperfections at all.

    So to sum it up, I'm quite happy now. The shop owner did say this. He wasn't the one who inspected my weapon when it came in, but when he was looking at mine, and the moment he pulled the hammer all the way back he couldn't help but smile. He commented that my action is probably the smoothes action he has had on any Heritage that has come into his store :) We tested the other models and mine did feel more solid, and was smooth.

    So, I still would suggest this weapon to anyone looking for an inexpensive, well built and reliable single six. It's also dirt cheap to plink with, and fun to shoot.
  8. I second that. I have a Heritage Roughrider .22 It had some of those tiny spots in the finish, but it shoots like a dream. I must put 200 rounds through it first time out. I'm VERY happy with mine. Glad you are too.
  9. Glad to hear you and the dealer are still happy and satisfied.