Just thought I would post something I said.

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  1. Nothing important. I just tickled my own funny bone.
    Me and someone else was talking about the movie "the 6th day". Staring yours truly... The govenator.
    Then I ask, "How does a guy who can barely even speak English become governor of Cali?" Then I said
    "Oh wait, most of Cali can barely speak English anyways."
    Also I am bored and wanted to make a thread.
  2. lol...good one. at least on his later years you could understand him! when he was younger i couldn't understand him well at all.

  3. AndrewST

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    Now if only he would pull his head out of his ass and crush all the damn gun laws in Kali. Hell he is the Terminator he loves guns right!?
  4. yeah but I thought he was married to the Kennedy family somehow. Maybe Uncle Ted has been talking to him over drinks