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  1. Dreamthief

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    I had an issue happen today. I opened my Mosin case and discovered that the bolt was gone! well I reported it to the police as a possible theft, and found another online. just to make sure: I don't have to do a transfer on a bolt assembly right? only a reciever or a complete firearm correct?
  2. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    no. the reciever od the gun is the transferred part. i would however report the bolt number to the PD for identification purposes.


  3. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    ok thanks for the clarification SW.
  4. neothespian

    neothespian Member

    Ok. I gotta ask....and this is out of ALL respect, but:

    How the HELL did they steal just the bolt and not the entire rifle?!?!?!
  5. Ari

    Ari Guest

    was this thing in your house?
  6. That sounds like that show on I think Discovery called It Takes a Thief. One of the guys on the show said they would always take the remote controls to TV's etc.. even if they didn't take the TV. Just to be arseholes and tick off the homeowner. Or it could be the brady bunch tracked you through the net and wanted to make your evil millitary assault rifle inoperable before it jumped out of the case on its own and started killing people :lol: because you know guns are known to do that.
  7. Make sure you get your headspace checked when you get the new bolt. Better safe than sorry.

    Strange that someone would steal the bolt and not the rifle.

    Maybe someone stole their bolt and that is all they needed? :twisted:
  8. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    I had loaned out the rifle to my brother last. He's always been really good at cleaning it and so forth. So I'm guessing that maybe it was misplaced at the range. I do a rust check on all my milsurps at least every two months or so. today was the day to pull them out and clean them and I came across this delima. I called my brother and left a message kind of letting him know that I wasn't too happy...I till prolly be the last time I loan my firearms...even to family!
  9. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    at least that's the only logical conclusion I can come to on the whole thing...that or my wife got tired of me buying 7.62x54R and thought I would stop if I couldnt shoot my rifle!?!?! just kiddin...lol
  10. DRoCk

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    Thats weird!! How much does a bolt run anyway? I never have had a lick of trouble with my 2 MNs...except that they kick like a mule. I got mine before they were popular, think one was $99 and the other was $119.
  11. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    I've had mine for a long time as well. It was my first rifle purchased after I left home that I really kept...not my first gun though, that was a chinese mosin I pawned for 45 bucks :( and a .22 I have no idea what happened to. I think my dad took it away from me.
  12. Ari

    Ari Guest

    might be time for a small gun safe
  13. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member


    well I just got off the phone, Aparently he pulled the bolt out of the rifle when he was transporting it, and forgot to put it back into the rifle. why he didn't leave the damned thing in the hardcase I have no idea. needless to say I have my matching bolt...I just have to get it from my brother. The first time I lost accountability for a part of my rifle...and definately the last.
  14. Glad to hear that you found it. Time to rip the brother a new one ;)
  15. Look at it this way. You've experienced a feeling most will not, a possibly stolen personal item (gun). You knew to make the right choices by contacting the police and to retrace your steps. When you recovered the item (I'm guessing now) you called the PD back. So far all is "by the book". Don't mess it up now by ripping your bro's arse. Discuss the matter sure. But don't let it turn into a brow beating. Believe me when I say you get a trusted persons respect and attention far more effectively by giving them something they cannot give themselves. Be it chances to shoot or compliments (the list is endless). Want to have a way that ensures he'll not misplace stuff again while still allowing him to borrow the stuff? Let your mutual friends know how much you trust your brother with your belongings. Be sure to specifically speak about how he never loses stuff, always takes great care of it, and goes out of his way to be responsible with it. Sound weird? Maybe to some. But when someone hears another going out of their way to give them compliments they will be sure to go above and beyond to never let that person down again. Trust me, it works. Lesson learned from John Maxwell and his Maximum Impact training courses. :)

    Again, glad it was a minor situation and no one was robbed or hurt.
  16. JasonJ

    JasonJ Member

    i would NEVER let any of my firearms out of my sight. NEVER. there are far too many things that could happen that can come back to bite you.
  17. Ari

    Ari Guest

    What do you do when you go to work? :wink: :lol: :lol:
  18. DRoCk

    DRoCk Guest

    Glad you found it, losing things sucks! I myself wouldn't loan guns out, but my friends wouldn't ask and I don't have a brother. I get worried when I loan out a book or a DVD, let alone a gun
  19. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    My biggest fear:
    Friend: Hey Strange, nice gun... I'm thinking of getting one of those, mind if i take to the range and try it out?
    ME: Sure my friend, take good care of it!
    (Friend comes back 15 minutes later, out of breath, wearing a ski mask, gun wrapped in towel, and money hanging out of his pockets)
    Friend: Man that gun's cool, well, gotta go!
  20. Dreamthief

    Dreamthief Senior Member Member

    got it after drill last night. I was VERY relieved. he told me that the only reason he did it was because he was told that he couldn't transport a firearm with the bolt in the rifle, or close enought to make it ready to fire (i.e. in the case). I didn't really rip him at all as I was just happy to have the bolt back to my favorite rifle! I told him next time to just use the gun lock through the mag well next time...that happened to be IN THE BOX...lol
    I did contact the police station to tell them the item was recovered. the desk SGT seemed relieved as well for me.