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    A bunch of the hp haters at the range are always wearing t-shirts with glock and so forth on them. So I just ordered 2 caps and 2 shirts. It is going to burn their collective a$$es. Three days ago I out shot one of the guys who was using a glock. So I let him shoot mine. Today he bought a c9 and was at the range with it 20 or so minutes ago.

  2. Cool.

  3. MAYBE he can now use his "glock" t-shirt/s as a target!

    (watch out for the "$" signs, SOME people get offended :roll: when used as letter replacements) :cry:
  4. haha nice.

    I was at the local gun/pawn the other day and they had a used hp .45. I commented on how good they are on reliability and accuracy(especially for the money) I just watched the guys face get that "wtf is wrong w/ this guy" look on his face since he has no idea about them...

  5. I get that a lot when I look at Hi Points and similar low cost reliable firearms in pawnshops. For instance I was admiring a Bersa 380acp in a pawn shop not too long ago and chit chating with the dealer about the reliability of the little gun. He had a very puzzled look on his face.
  6. Congrats, nice to hear you introduced someone else to these fine weapons :)
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    i hang out at the gun section of gander mtn near my home.. they got some nice guys working there.. and i just chime in with shooting experience everyones in a while..

    one guy was looking for a very inexpensive handgun cuz he was a broke SOB.. like me. So i commented on the Bersa's of course, kel-tec, and hi-point.

    im always sure to test the waters first as i say, "for the price paid, the reliability, accuracy, and warrenty cant be beat..of course its no $1200 Kimber or $800 Kahr.. or even as nice as something only $100 more.. but if you cant spend alot, you wont go wrong."

    and then i mention how its even better once you adjust a few things and tweak the gun a bit.. and that for the $150 you really cant b*tch too much.
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    I just like the look on peoples face when a $150 gun is used to outshoot someone with a high dollar gun.
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    I was at the range a couple of weeks ago and a young Marine came in with a brand new Beretta 9mm carbine and started shooting in the next lane. When I pulled my HP995 out of the case and started shooting, he was really curious about it. I let him shoot it, told him about the warranty and customer service, etc.. When I told him what it cost ($189), I thought he was gonna cry. He had just paid $800 :shock: for the Beretta.
  10. just cause its cheap doesnt mean its cheap...winn dixie brand bologna tastes just as good as oscar myer brand without the price. if you take away the name is it just the same,...those people are sometimes surprised which one they choose without knowing
  11. Wanna really burn their arses with a T shirt? Use one of them Glock shirts as a cleaning rag to wipe down your Hi Point! :lol:

    I certainly mean no disrespect towards Glocks or any other brands, but ya gotta admit it'd be some funny schiznit!
  12. it would only be funny towards the gun snobs.
  13. I can generally outshoot most of my buddies with any one of my High-Points. I also shoot a lot more than most of them as well. In fact, one of them just bought a new Kimber .45. We were at the range and he was all over the place with it. He handed it to me and I put two full mags in a 6 inch circle at 10 yards. I gave it back to him and he said at least he knew it was him and the gun was fine!! He did better with my High-Point .45 then he did with his new Kimber. But, then again, mine is well broken in. :wink: :wink: 8)
  14. The dependability and accuracy of my C9 never ceases to amaze me... and others! I've stacked it up against Glocks, XDs, and Taurus, and it has not let me down. As a matter of fact, when I'm in a friendly challenge, I'll reach for my C9 before my Glock 17 :) 'Nuff said.
  15. Cool! I love the way the hi points shoot! When I go to the range everybody is always impressed with how well they shoot and they always want to say something like "that's pretty good for a hi point".
  16. WOW, Great story!!! I love my hi-point but if you think the guy would be interested, I would be willing to trade!!!!! I would LMAO if he comes in next week sporting all Hi-Point gear!!!!
  17. If you are offended by dumb posts please stop reading NOW!!!

    What did you expect, Hi point have been helping "homies" kill each other for years!!! Hi-point must have the highest confirmed kills only to be rivaled by the drugs and dirty women!!!!
    So the question is what do you trust to put holes in "homies" breaking in to your home?!?!
    I hope every one understands that I am Joking and love my Hi point and am looking to pick up another.
  18. Hey, Roblamont80,

    Have you ever noticed that "homies" like those $500 a piece wheels or those large gold chains? They can't afford a more expensive gun :| :) :D :lol: :lol: :lol: