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Just trying to tidy up. I need to have a yard sale

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In an effort to keep my mind occupied, I thought I would tidy my reloading areas up a bit. At the primary house I have a Hornady Iron with all the accessories set up on a computer desk in my bedroom. In the mud room / reloading room I have 2 MEC 500 JR presses one in 20 gauge, the other in 12, along with a MEC 20 gauge progressive. I also have my Lyman Brass Smith All American 8 turret, Brass Smith Ideal C press, and all the brass smith accessories.

At the second house I have what I call my antique bench set up on a computer desk in my den. It’s a vintage RCBS RockChucker with all the accessories. I also have my Lee Classic Cast Turret, Reloader C press, and the Breechlock Pro 4000 all housed on my Lee Reloading Stand. A 12 ga Lee LoadAll II with a 20 ga conversion kit stays under my antique bench. And my Lee Hand Press stays in the drawer, only occasionally used.

In the basement of the 2nd house I have the Lyman Spar-T, dedicated to the 300 BLK. 2 Lyman Spartans, one for the 30-30 Winchester, the other for the 22 Hornet. A Hornady/Pacific Multi Force with all the accessories - this I call my Sherman Tank press. Very fond of it, just don’t use it anymore. It was my dedicated 223 press which is now loaded on the Classic Cast Turret(5.56) or the RCBS RockChucker (223). I also have a RCBS RS5 that is dedicated to brass 12 ga shotshell loading. And a RCBS Jr press.

I don’t use the MEC presses anymore. I just prefer the Lee LoadAll II. Nor do I use any of the equipment in the basement of the second house. I sold a couple of presses in the past and regretted it. And thought of selling the presses I no longer use not too long ago, but backed out of it. I really ought to seriously think of selling them.
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Really missing my Lee equipment.

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