Just want to beat someone bloody...

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  1. So I was going shooting this morning when loading my truck I noticed a twig with a couple leaves sticking out from under the bed liner lip over the tailgate. So I walked up closer and got a sudden surge of anger unlike I've had in a long time. I have had my truck for about 2 weeks. Brand new 08. Someone, and only guessing it to be a kid, decided to beat the tailgate with a branch putting several scrapes deep to the metal, partially ripping the "xrunner" logo off the back, and best of all, 3 dents that look like a golf ball size object hit it. I have been so angry all day and can't seem to just let this roll off my back. I wish we had a garage, but don't and motion detector lights are the only option. Does anyone have any idea that may work to secure the area a little better? I would like to do a security camera setup that records 24/7. What about motion detector sirens? Like if the motion detector is tripped for more then 10 seconds the siren goes off? I need to do something. I plan to start looking at car alarm systems that can be set to a distance where the person doesn't even have to make contact with the vehicle before it starts warning. A friend lived in a rough neighborhood years ago and had one of these and it was awsome, worked on sonar or something he said. Any ideas on this? I need to do something becfause tonight I'm going to be sitting and waiting for a return visitor. Also does anyone think theres any point in making a police report over this, just incase it keeps happening and i would ever need to prove a history of vandalism?
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    I would report it. On these new vehicles repaires are not cheap in the slightest.

    Also You can set a digital camera up to your computer and have it record directly to your hard drive.

    I did this in Iraq to prove who was goofing of in our shop and stealing supplies.

    You can check it once a day and then delete the vid if there is no acurances the night before.

    Also look into leaving a porch light on as you know the vid will be hard to make out without the light.

    Man I feel for ya, Glad I was the first to beat my truck. On accedent, drove somewere I didn't want to go and only one way out. But then that is what it is for.

    Any rate good luck bro.

    P.S. don't drink before you report or before you catch the arse. Your judgment may be impaired enough to help you decide to take the cost of damages out on there teeth.

  3. Yes .Do make a report on it.Thay may find a perp later with the same m.o. and you will be on record.
    In our area alot of people use security lites on motion sensors.That removes the darkness without warning.
    Good luck
  4. Sorry to hear about that Taurus, I know you must be really P'ed off.

    If nothing else, park your vehicle as close as possible to your front door, and they make those new motion detector bulbs that turn on when they detect motion. You just screw them into the regular outside light socket. I think they are like 20 bucks each.

    It is not a substitute for you sitting in the dark with a baseball bat, but it may keep the little craphead from doing it again if the light comes on when he/she comes near the vehicle.

    And yes I would take pics of the damage and call the cops, even if it is just to get it on record.
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    okay a couple ideas. make some sort of a tripwire/contact plate fuse connector and hook it up to an alarm clock bell. So when anyone trips the wire or steps on the plate you get a nice wake up call. You could also make it a light bulb so it is a silent alarm but you may not notice it. I think something like that would run between $20-$100 as a DIY and the most difficult thing would be soldering the wires and setting up the plate or trip. the plate and trip are pretty easy to figure out and I have a plan for each if you cannot find them.
  6. use a "game cam" or similar camera device to catch these clowns.
  7. Taurus, did you call it in to your insurance company? You may have to get a police report for that reason alone. Sorry to hear about the damage to your truck dude, that sucks.
  8. Yeah, it really does suck but best to get the dents, dings, scrapes and scratches out of the way early ang get over it.

    Last year, 3 new cars.

    Loaded Prius #1 - Hit a deer
    Loaded Prius #2 Stone chips and artillery spores
    Chevy Cobalt - Someone backed into it at about 15 mph on a parking lot

    I know first hand that it sucks but that's why they have insurance.

    My first new car back in 84, I was on the banks parking lot making my very first paymen and an old guy blind on one side and a glass eye in the other side hit my car, thought he heard a noise, backed up and hit it again then not being sure what the noise was he pulled in and hit my very first brand new car a third time.

    I also had a new Alpine stereo stolen from that same car the day it was installed.

    Report it and call your insurance company.

    Edited because I couldn't spell scratches - duh.
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    This doesnt really have anything to do with your catching the culprit.. but it might be a good idea to give something like this a shot http://video.google.com/videoplay?d...162&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0
    on the small golf ball sized dents you might be able to fix it satisfactorily you might not even need to file an insurance claim.. Ive used this particular method before on a car that had hail dents.. using the dry ice method ive popped those dents with a decent success rate.. But I would be pretty mad myself if in your situation. I dont know what it is these days that people have nothing better to do than to go around doing stupid crap like this.
  10. T - that sucks. An accident is one thing, someone getting happy jerking your truck is no excuse. Yes to the police report. If you have a bud that can fix it, do that and/or at least see what the insurance can do. Some people buy trucks to beat, some buy cause they like trucks and never haul anything. If you're the later kind, this must really torque you off even more.

    Someone whacks my kid's mirror off his new ride when it was 3 weeks old - $450. Never found who did it, and wish I had. The ideas suggested above are some good ones you might wish to pursue. One thing I did, didn't find out who did it, but I went door-to-door, entire neighborhood and let everyone know our car was jacked. Maybe not catch anyone, but at least put folks on notice that you filed reports, etc. Sometimes parents who have kids who might be involved will get the kids the message - you got a freebie, don't do that again.

    Sorry about the damage, I do feel for ya.
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    Man..... I so feel for you bro! That just blows. I'm UBER paranoid about my Vespa and dread someone keying the paint or slicing the seat out of perverse entertainment (and you know how protective I am of my scooters). Everyone else on here provided pretty much great advice. I can only offer my sympathy and perhaps some body work tools if you were in Arizona :p

    Saw a vid posted on YouTube of a bunch of Highschool students going around Boston and kicking over scooters and laughing, taking baseball bats to them and such. The only saving grace was that one of the brats was wearing one of the school's letterman jackets to a Catholic prep school in the Boston area. Of course, when this hit the Cardinal's desk at the church, they were swift to find the kid and turn him into the police for damages. Something like 25 bikes were bashed up and it cost the church something like $50,000 in compensation to cover. Granted they didn't have to foot the bill, but a very cool thing for them to do.
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    Taurus, that sucks man, sorry to hear about it.

    I agree with the masses though, call it in to your insurance and get it taken care of. That's why you pay your premium.

    As far as what you can do to prevent this again, good lights, a decent alarm, all those will help, but nothing will prevent it always.
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    I know the feeling my man, Some young female of ill-repute has keyed my little sis's Honda Del Sol a month or so ago. The place where she works doesn't have security cameras out in the parking lot, and nobody saw it happen. I believe it was a little jealous teenaged female who keyed her car, mainly because when men/teenage males see a car they like, they try and speak with the owner to ask "how much", or to share a story, or look under the hood, maybe hear the sound system, hear the exhaust, you know, car guy things. This seemed to be the work of a underpriviledged female youth who has little or no expectations of becoming a productive individual... SCUM.

    Sorry to hear about your truck, but indeed i have the answer to your problem.
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    +1 nicadflyer!
    I like your idea, perhaps with the deer cam, AND the 12ga perimeter monitor not only would you ID your culprit, but you can follow the trail of fecal matter right back to their residence.
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    Too bad a Claymore mine...uh, nevermind.
  16. Jag

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    Claymore? Na...

    Now, where did I put that double-barrelled, break-action twelve gauge?...Ahhh, here it is!...Now, where are those 2 3/4" buckshot loads?...Ahhh, here they are!...Now, where did that roll of bailing wire go?...


    ...What?...I'm just going out to repair that broken fence in the pasture...and the shotgun is for those coyotes, just in case they get a little rowdy...

    ...Can't a guy be prepared???...


    ...ahhh, nevermind...

    Seriously though, Taurus357, sorry to hear about that. Some people can be so sadistic. They can't have what their neighbor or that stranger around the block has so they have to vandalize it just to get some sort of sick pleasure out of ruining someone else's hard-earned possessions. If it were me, and we didn't live in such a messed-up country that rewards ill-will and devious behavior and punishes legitimate actions and ambitions, I'd probably do one of the three following actions:

    1. Construct a earthwork fortification complete with nuclear-proof bunker, artillery emplacements, pillboxes, armories, trench/tunnel network, command/control headquarters, automated gun/rocket/flamethrower turret malevolent personnel control system, and other associated facilities around my domicile to ensure that this type of occurrence did not happen again--wait, sorry, this task is actually already on my to-do list... :mrgreen:

    2. Place "To whom it may concern: If you are reading this and you are also the person(s) responsible for the recent vandalism of my new vehicle, please feel free to continue vandalizing my property. However, there are a few points of interest that you might want to consider as you continue your pathetic attempts at cheap entertainment at my expense. Please note the twin-mounted, semi-automatic, drum-fed twelve-gauge shotguns connected to the remote-sensing system installed in the bed of my new truck. Also, bear in mind that my new friends will be watching my place during any period of absence on my part. Did I happen to mention that my new friends are 150 pound Dobermans on steriods and raw T-bone steaks? Oh, well, just so you are aware of their presence, of course. Also, to enhance your experience during your period of juvenile-delinquency, please look up and smile at the closed-circuit video cameras mounted in the eaves of my dwelling. The tape of your exploits will gladly be sent to America's Most Wanted, Candid Camera, America's Dumbest Criminals, the local police department--and you. Oh, please be sure to get me your change-of-address information when your new home is a ten-by-ten foot cell. If, however, you are not the aforementioned individual(s), please feel free to laugh at this posted notice and stop by for coffee sometime if you like abnormal humor and would like to comment on it. In either case, have a nice day!" signs around the edge of my property, install the mentioned additions to my security system, and open any number of refreshing, chilled beverages and kick back on my porch to watch the response...


    3. Forgo all other reactions by hiring the Terminator TX-101 cyborg to track down the guilty party(ies). Screaming, crying, cowering, fainting, and sudden cardiac arrest would be the expected reply to the towering hunk of metal and neural circuitry wielding his ten-gauge Winchester Model 1901 lever-action shotgun as he proceeded to deal with the perpetrator(s) (man, does this paragraph make me a geek or what???; just for your information, the ten-gauge Winchester Model 1901 lever-action shotgun was the gun that that the "Governator" used in the second Terminator film...if you didn't already know that bit of useless trivia, now you do...I can just hear you guys guffawing at me right now...hey, what can I say, I'm a sci-fi/action/thriller film/book junkie with a little bit of drama thrown in there from time to time to make it interesting...hey, it could be worse--I could be a fan of the current Democratic presidential candidates...


    ...just kidding, if you like this new crop of politicians on either side, no offense is intended... :) )


    Well, Taurus 357, I hope I was able to give you a few laughs to help you take your mind off of this little incident. Take whatever actions you feel are necessary to rid yourself and your neighborhood of this type of behavior. Hopefully, a relatively simple police report and some extra vigilence will solve the problem. I hope everything works out okay for ya.



    Jag 8) :lol: :twisted: 8)

    P.S. Just a little afterthought: in my experience, reporting minor dents and dings on a vehicle to your local friendly, greedy insurance company often results in premium increases that cost more than the few hundred dollars worth of repair work needed to pop out a few dents. It might be simpler to just drive the rig around with those dings in it while, of course, keeping an eye out for those troublemakers who might want to try such a tatic again. Just a thought, and it may or may not be applicable here. I know I drive my truck (which is, admittedly, a used rig anyway) around with plenty of little scratches in it. The way I see it, an automobile (with a few exceptions for high-end or collectible cars) depreciates in value instead of appreciating in value like other investments, so technically, a car is not an investment but a divestment, also known as a financial black hole that sucks down cash like a domestic firm that outsources its labor overseas :wink: . In other words, as long as the damage to the vehicle isn't so debilitating that it makes it unsafe or unusable, I would reccomend driving it without going through the hassle of reporting the minor damage. Again, in the end, it is your choice. I figured I'd just mention this since I've been down the same road myself with vehicles and insurance. Hope it helps in some way!
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    Taurus, go to a hunting goods store and pick up one of the motion sensing cameras that are made to track dear with. The are cammo, work off batteries, and the better ones have night vision.

    *edit* Sorry, I didnt read where someone had already put the same idea.
  18. Yeah, that's why I posted the Trunk Monkey, at least give you something to laugh about.