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    Will a semi-auto pistol fire and operate in any position like upside down or turned sideways? Just wondering if they would feed and eject like when they are held in the normal upright position. You know, just in case I'm ever abducted by aliens and I'm weightlessly bouncing around in their flying saucer . Or I find myself tied upside down like Star War's Luke and that big hairy thingy comes back to his cave. Wait a tick, I bet I could get a grant from Uncle Sam and do a 5 year study. Now anyone know where to find a deal on flying saucers /hairy thingies?
  2. ????? Huh ????? You watch to much tv.Yes they should operate in any position.

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    I don't have a TV hooked up which is why I have time to sit around and think about these things. I am in earnest sorta anyway. So OK, what about the pics I see of Navy Seals sneeking up out of the water onto land and their rifles are dripping wet. How do they waterproof them so they can be totally submerged and fire in these adverse conditions? Just in case?
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    Some will, some wont. And no you're not watching too much TV. think about all the crap in your home you may have to shoot around, under, over or through in a home invasion scenario. The browning hi power i had would jam EVERY TIME if you held it upsidown. Most cheap semi auto pistols will jam sometimes if you hold them upsidown as well. A glock wont jam no matter how you hold it. My beretta 9000s would jam if you held it sideways with the ejection port up. I do this in my usual training scenarios. Yes its a little out there, but so are UFOs and how many of us belive in them?

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    Oh yes Glocks will jam. this was in todays syracuse , ny paper. thank God that Glocks DO jam on occasion.

    Man admits trying to kill state trooper
    Posted by Catie O'Toole January 18, 2008 12:48PM
    Categories: Breaking News, Crime & Safety, Oswego County, Regional News

    A Granby man has admitted that he tried to kill a state trooper June 23 after setting fire to his own house.

    Ronald E. McCarthy, 45, pleaded guilty today of attempted aggravated murder and third-degree arson, both felonies. The judge promised to sentence him to a term of 22 years to life on Feb. 21.

    McCarthy rammed the patrol car of state police Sgt. Joseph Domagola June 23 on county Route 57 in Volney, then attacked Domagola when he approached McCarthy to check him for injuries, police said.

    McCarthy grabbed the sergeant's Glock semiautomatic pistol and pointed it at Domagola's head and neck, according to the indictment against him. McCarthy pulled the trigger, but the pistol jammed, the indictment says.
  6. thank god his gun did jam hopefully it was not from not cleaning it
  7. You mean a super pistol like a Glock jammed? Oh My Oh My. On a good note at least it save the LEO's life!
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    Ya you know those Glockojammomatics, (snikering in the background).
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    thread on taurusarmed about a pt92 that wont shoot upside down..

    we never really got to the bottom of it cause everyone made joke about it.. but who knows what angles you might need to fire the gun in the right situation.

    i would go to the range and test it upside down if i did'nt think i'd be laughed at.
  10. Lay on your back and shoot over your head.That wouldn't be holding it upside down,would it?