Justice Scalia found dead

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    Saw that bout an hour ago....... Not a good thing for any issue that concerns most of us on here..... Wonder if hos body will be cold before O tries to ram Holder in there.....


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    Or will they wait, hope that H.C. wins so she can appoint B.O.? Which she has talked about. Either one will be terrible.
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    'Bout the best friend the 2A had in DC. So everything will still be a 5-4 split, just now in the wrong direction. Gotta do some checking, but I THINK the Republicans have enough votes in the Senate to block any move that Satan makes - IF they have the [email protected]
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    not a lot of balls between them hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  5. undeRGRound

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    No way in Hades they take a chance! NONE... (imo)
  6. Obama will appoint another to the Supreme Court that does not care about the Constitution and who will destroy our liberties. Several of the Justices who sit on the court should be removed by Congress. Ruth Ginsberg is one that should be removed. She is openly hostile to the Constitution.

    We can only hope Congress does not approve Obama's appointment to the court and they leave the seat vacant until he leaves office. Very likely this will not happen.
  7. McConnell has already announced that the Senate will not fill the vacancy until the next President is sworn in.
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    NOW, just back that UP, McCupCake!!! :mad:
  9. The senate needs to go back in session pronto. Otherwise Obama will make an out of session appointment.

    If the Beast is elected the average gun owner is screwed.
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    Actually, the "non-gun owner" is screwed. Harder/impossible to buy if
    "the 'Beast" gets in there, and actually gets something passed. As for
    us current gun owners, we already have ours and they gotta come and
    take them away from US. ;) Check out CT and NY, there are SO MANY
    stupid fvcks there already that allowed 'Grabbers to get into office, but
    the good and righteous gun owners are saying NO. ;)
    If they can do it in those cesspools, we certainly can too! :D
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    For us that already have them, yes we will continue to. The non gun owners will be screwed as you say.

    The problem for us will be everything that goes along with gun ownership.

    magazine bans
    ammo bans

    Even if that doesn't happen it will get regulated to the point the prices of those things will skyrocket, and it won't even be CTD's fault, but I'm sure they'll take advantage of it...

    Or can you imagine hi cap mags ban, and the "granfathered" ones selling on GB for a couple hundred each???

    I just see the cost of gun ownership rising at the very least.

    Unless the Senate can stonewall and/or drag their feet till the next president is elected, we're in trouble...
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    As reported by the San Antonio Express (newspaper) :eek:
  15. Yeah until you look at their record for the past six years. Talk big about conservatism and how they're going to stand up to this president then go back to Washington and give him everything he wants and more.

    Not just McConnel, I've seen/heard several Republicans say that in the news today. To which I say look at their record of bending over to appease this president and give him everything he wants. He could nominate Lenin to the SC and these clowns would probably approve him so they don't get branded as racist for standing up to a president who hates this country and the Constitution. Say what you want about Ginsberg but her and Hillary have bigger cojones than the RNC.
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  16. If a progressive judge is appointed I give us 25 to 50 years and we will be unarmed, including police.

    Hillary has pointed to British gun laws as a model for the US.
  17. SWAGA

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    I'd rather have a progressive judge then a conservative judge overrunning hard fought liberties.
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    Reverse your two statements, and you've got the truth...... There's been a conservative majority for a few years now, and if anything, more "liberties" have been gained (gay marriage for one)..... A progressive tip of the scales, and you can kiss the current understanding of the 1st and 2nd amendments goodbye.......