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JXP 10mm

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Finally got my JXP to the range this morning. Shot it both left and right handed, from 35 feet. Weather was cold, nineteen degrees, and windy. I was shaking like a leaf on a tree...sucked, but I got to shoot the mighty 10 finally! Never owned or shot a 10mm Auto before.

Some of my shots went a little wild, getting used to the gun and left handed shots...still working on getting proficient with that. My right handed shooting was pretty much where it needs to be, despite the cold. Now, what about the gun?

Well, I ran only 60 rounds through it, cost of 10mm is salty, but it ran 100%. I had ordered another magazine from MOM, and it was fine too. I ran 40 rounds of Blazer 180 grain aluminum cased FMJ, and 20 rounds of S&B 180 grain JHP brass cased. Here's my target:

I want to get it out in some warmer weather, for I think the pistol want's to be almost "one ragged hole" @ 15 yards accurate. It's a good gun. Sights are decent, and the trigger is a little strange...not too heavy, hardly any creep, but a short pull/spongy. The slide is heavy/clunky on recoil, but not in a disruptive way...you can tell there is a lot of mass there.

The pistol weighs in at around 45 ounces, and even at that weight, there was some decent recoil. That 10mm is a fairly powerful round. Grip panels are grippy, and much better than anything Hi Point has put on their production pistols in the past. I'm very happy with this gun, and can't wait to get it out to shoot in warmer weather.
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Gonna have to join the 10mm krewe, traded into a S&W M&P today, if it doesn't sell tomorrow will have to go try it out w some .40 I have on hand.
They should have called it 10 mm S&W, then the short and weak appellation would have applied.
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