Kalamazoo Fairgrounds Gun Show 4/12 - 4/13

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    Anybody live around the Kalamazoo, Michigan area? If you do there is a gun show coming up at the Kalamazoo County Fairground from April 12 - 13.

    Has anyone ever attended one here? I am thinking about going to stock up on ammo.

    Let me know if they are any good.

  2. STAY AWAY FROM RELOAD FROM THE GUN SHOWS!!!!! A couple of weeks ago I bought 3 40rd boxes of 40S&W. I went out shooting and was having about 3 FTF per mag!!!! All of the failed rounds actually had the bullet push back into the casing. I was able to pull the bullet out will my bare hands!!! Inside there was no wadding and the rounds where only about a 1/3 the ammount of powder as there should be.
    On a better note, I bet the Kalamazoo show will be a good one!!!!
    Just be real careful and inspect the ammo if you must buy there, but chances are you can get better stuff cheaper from wally world.

  3. If I still lived in Michigan i would be there!!!!