Katamari Damacy.....f'ing insane, and worse than Heroin

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    Me and my girl went by Bookmans today (a used CD/video game/video/book store in Arizona) to trade in some crappy movies and dud games for some new stuff. We found a VERY VERY VERY strange Japanese (even by my tastes) game called Katamari Damacy that was only 15 bucks and decided why not?

    Now It's been out for a little over a year now, but this is our first experience with it. EVERYONE was going on about it that we know and the concept is a little odd:

    You're the son of the King of All Cosmos, and in some fit of "loving joyness" he's destroyed all the stars in the universe. Your job is to go to Earth, and roll whatever you find into a HUGE ball, then turn it into stars.

    That's it.

    Pretty dumb huh? NOPE! It's the strangest, most addictive, most insane game we've ever seen complete with Japanese rap, Chinese Lounge Jazz singers and a little freaky alien rolling everything up from paperclips and fish sauce to entire tanks and humans. That's ALL you do, but you CAN'T PUT IT DOWN!!!

    We've been at 2 player mode for 4 hours. :shock:

    I'm going to have some f'ed up dreams tonight.
  2. I bought it on the ps2 when it was initially released and loved it! They have a new one out I believe for the next gen systems...

  3. haha thats some funny stuff. never played it tho. Theres a webcomic, don't recall if it was a ctrlalt-del, or an explosm where a guy daydreaming while driving wrecks and is taken in to the p.d., He says something like "what, they looked smaller than me so I thought I could do it"
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    go there and download the free version of neon wars.... whenever I imagine what drugs are like that is what I picture. so fun.