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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by Bill whitney, Nov 21, 2020.

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    Never could see myself owning one , let alone 3 of them. A buddys uncle passed way and the uncles daughter moved to Illinois and couldnt take most of uncle bobs guns. She took a few and left the rest for my buddy to go thru and buy what he wanted and sell the test. Among them were a 45,40,9mm carbines. He already had a 995 and wasnt intested in more hp's. I bought a ts4595 for 200 and was not impressed with sites. Shot low/left about 12" at 30 yards. Couldnt seem to bring it in so i grabbed an aluminum top rail off amazon and put a vortex crossfire reddot on it. WITH THAT COMBO I CAUGHT THE BUG. Found 2 more mags at local gunstore for $50 otd. Called my buddy and tpld him i wanted the 995, wearing orig stock (which i prefer) , but he had sold it , so i grabbed the 40 cal one in orig stock for $200 .Went to same gunshop and found 3 more factory mags for $45 that appear unused. The 40's iron sites worked better so i left it with irons for now. Ill tell ya about how i ended up with the 995 later.
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    Ever consider adjusting the sights? ;)
    Welcome to the forum, JHP owner here.

  3. Howdy Bill, from a few miles southeast of KCMO.

    I got a 995TS and 4095TS too. The 40 I have set up for deer hunting using a Konus Pro 1-5x32 scope.

    Don't underestimate these little carbines. They'll get the job done if you spend a little time with them.
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    Yes , we tried moving it b
    Im in p hill actually.
  5. Depending on what part of P hill you're at, I'm just SE of you just outside of LaTour. Already got my deer for 2020 season, so I now get to relax.
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    My bro in law lived on ol drum for awhile , right off of 2hwy. We r in town in p hill. What did ya kill?
  7. Got a 12-pointer on opening day that by our estimate weighed around 300# before field dressing. Had to use a tractor bucket to help lift into the rafters to skin/bone out. Biggest I've gotten.
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    $5 says your front sight post was canted and we could have walked you through the fix to get you spot on...
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    Hello and welcome from Indiana!