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  1. Anyone else having any problem with getting logged out while browsing the forum? It happens when I click on a link to go to a different thread.
  2. That's a simple fix. On your browser under the tools tab *if you are running Internet Explorer that is, I don't know what it is for FireFox or Mozilla* click Tools, then all the way down to internet options. Once you are there, under the "General" tab, look to the bottom under "Tabs" click Settings. Once you're there, make sure that under your pop-up settings that it always opens pop ups in a new window.

    Here is a pic to help you out.


  3. Thanks Primal, mine is already set there, I am running Vista, maybe that is part of them problem.

    I am on my Desktop, had to send the Laptop back for repairs, maybe it is a glitch in the desktop

    Thanks for the info
  4. Not only that, but Vista sucks. That's the entire problem in a nutshell.
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    Sounds more like you aren't letting the forum set cookies in your browser.