keeping my c9 cocked & dry firing

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    i have just got a hp c9 and love it, when i saw it at the shop the owner said they were reliable and tough. so i went home and got one of my ruger 345's and traded it in for the hp,it is amazing just as good as the $450 345, so much so that i sold my other 345 and have a hp on order. my question is will it be ok to leave the gun cocked, or should i pull the trigger to lower the pin, and should i use a snap cap or will it be ok to dry fire since it will be done very little like after a shooting session.
  2. just to be the safe side i alway use snap caps to dry fire. btw, you trade your 345 for c9? i'm not saying c9 is a bad gun but couldn't you pay that $150 and keep your 345? if the offer ever come to me, i'll trade my c9 for 345 in a heart beat and the same day drive down to shop and buy me another c9.

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    dry firing will not hurt the gun , according the police officer who i took my nra basic pistol course with , hes also a s&w tech. he acutally reccomends sticking a pencil in the barrel , sharp point forward and practicing shooting a target about 5 inches away.
  4. welcome to the forum boomer

    There are a lot of different opinions to your questions, I will give you mine, others will not agree.

    I do not like to leave a weapon with the spring compressed, especially if you are intending to leave the weapon cocked and a round in the chamber. For one, it cannot help the spring in the long run, and two it increases the chance of an accidential discharge in my opinion

    As to the firing pin and dry firing. Again, I cannot see where it is good to do, but probably will not do anything if only done occasionally (as I do myself). Snap caps would be a good idea if you do not mind buying them.

    Enjoy the forum!
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    i traded my 345 in the begining because i needed some money, i'm on a fixed income and its hard to get by. but instead of selling i ended up trading and the c9 was such a great gun[ i know its not pretty], it shoots as good as the 345 ever did and its reliable thats what is important. so i talked it over with my wife[something guys need to learn to do] and decided to trade my other 345 and get more money. money problems can make a person do some dumb things, but in my case i may have a cheaper gun but its as good as the 345, not as pretty but what a gun is supposed to do it does it as good or better than the 345 did. and i know now i don't need to save for 2 years to get a gun that shoots good.
  6. good point.
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    Dry firing will do no harm to any centerfire weapon. Most rimfires will not tolerate dry firing as the firing pint will strike the breech face and create a raised dent. This effect will not allow the rimfire cartridge to fully seat within the chamber.

    Snap caps or dummy rounds are good for checking feeding, extraction and ejection. I have found that the C9 does not like the aluminum snap caps. They tend to get jammed in the chamber and have trouble extracting. I have some dummy rounds that were made for me by a reloader friend: brass cartridge case with spent primer (primer pocket needs to be filled for ejection on the C9) and RN FMJ bullet, of course no powder.
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    Some weapons you can dry fire and some you can't... I have dry fired my C9 a bunch. But you will not see me dry fire my P-11 or my CZ-52.
  9. I have a CZ52 and I would not dry fire it either. The metal is brittle and can break.
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    I got a set of azoom snap caps today and they do a great job of jamming inside the gun as well. However they work and helped me out a lot today prior to going to the range.
  11. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the C9.
  12. boomer92266, welcome to the forum.

    I, too, have some plastic (acrylic) snap caps. They would stay in the barrel and not eject. That problem stopped after about 200 rds.

    And as I say to all new-comers; be aware of Hi-Point-itus. It is an affliction that will have you buying another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and another Hi-Point and...
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    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  14. agree on the some-will - some won't. Kel-tecs don't take to dry firing, some others you can live that way. I do mine some times, but most of the times have snap caps in there. I figure why ask for another issue if you don't need to.......