Kel-Tec KSG

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  1. In another thread about the new Kel-Tec carbine, someone mentioned the KSG, Kel-Tec's tactical shotgun. Well I saw one this morning at my LSG, and it's for sale. I think the sticker was $769, don't know if that's MSRP or not but figured I'd let everyone know just in case someone's interested.

    It's Middlecreek Shooting Supply in Selinsgrove, PA. Erik's # is (570)-809-9707 or e-mail [email protected]

    Sorry, should have put this in the Non-Hi Point classifieds but was rushed and missed it.
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    I have never fired one, but I hear that generation 1 had problems. The 2nd generation that is out now are going for $850 & up? Generation 1's are being discounted now.

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    AllOutOfAmmo has one or used to have one.
    He still owes us a range report and video......:mad:
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    Why?! Why must I be put in these situations where I find a gun I want on sale, but don't have the money for them?!!!11!
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    Thats a decent price. They are almost as good as mom if its not working send it in they have great CS.
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    I just don't get it...$365, (yeah, OK, now it's $700-$1000:p) mag fed, AK reliability...


  7. Center fire systems has the RKA 1919 a AR style 12 ga for 399 at the moment.
  8. I'm not much into 'tactical' shotguns so I'd never heard of the 1919 but that's pretty cool. I will say the Kel-Tec was way cool, I've got no use for one but IF I had the money and nothing else to do with it (yeah like when's that gonna happen) I'd have bought it.

    I wonder how it'd work for trap shooting...
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    the ksg is gimmicky and overpriced. that being said i love the concept of a bottom ejecting bullpup shotgun and would buy that one in about a minute if i had the expendable cash.

    I have an 870 clone that i've been saving up money to put the bullpup unlimited stock on it. But the week after i spent the money on the iac 981r they brought out the kit for the mossberg 500 that i already owned.
  10. Lebanon Pa gun show had 3 yesterday from $850-950
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