Kel-Tec P-11?

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  1. Scottbapt

    Scottbapt Guest

    Is it true that the Kel-Tec P-11 does not have a safety? Would someone please explain this? I am confused, a handgun without a safety??????? Thanks!
  2. Sniper 995

    Sniper 995 Guest

    not sure about the p-11, but my p3_at does NOT have a safety.

  3. when was the last time you felt a kel-tec trigger? Its double action, long heavy pull. If its in a holster/pocket pal/etc it would be very very hard to get and a.d. with one.
  4. Lots of double action only guns dont have safeties. As said above kel-tecs have pretty long trigger pulls and they are also pretty stiff. I carry a kel-tec P3AT daily with one in the chamber with no worries. Part of the reason I like DAO guns like the kel-tecs is no safety to fool with. You just pull it out point and shoot. Its one less thing to worry about if things are going bad.
  5. 3daughters

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    Yeah, I don't know if there was any sarcasm in the OP's question, but there are many, many handguns without a safety. If your question is serious, you must be new to handguns or lived under a rock for a considerable amount of time. Could also be that you live in a commi state that does not allow the sale of handguns without safeties.

    Only one of my handguns has a safety, except for the pseudo-safety on the C9.
  6. z71silverado98

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    revolvers are handguns and off the top of my head i dont know any revolvers w/ a safety. Think of the P-11 as a hammerless revolver trigger, Long, heavy, and deliberate.
  7. Troller98

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    Yup my P-11 has no safety, the long heavy DAO trigger is safety enough for a carry piece. There are quite a few DAO guns out there without safeties.
  8. squeak_D

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    Heritage single actions have a saftey. They actually have two of them. They use the traditional "first click of the hammer", and they also have a secondary hammer saftey bar.
  9. no "switch" safeties either for example, on SA XD's. Keep ones hand off the trigger and grip and not worries.
  10. fyi, the 08 model XD's are going to have an ambidextrous thumb safety.
  11. Scottbapt

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    Thanks and no I have not been under a rock. Just new to handguns. Make fun all you want. I can take it. I have very thick skin!!! HAHAHA!!!
    Seriously Thanks for the info! You learn something new everyday. I learned my new thing early today!


    Would ya'll recommend the P-11 for a carry weapon?
  12. This is the only safety I need...


    until I fire, my booger hook stays straight and off the thingy that makes the gun shoot...
  13. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member


    stick it in your pocket after a quick F&B then 300 flawless rounds at the range. add a Kel-Tec 12rnd flush mag and have 13 rnds in your pocket.

    Ive carried a P-11 for about 2yrs, and cant think of a better combo of power and size in a CCW for the price.
    though I recently purchased the rare 357sig conversion for this gun and now have 9+1 rnds of 357sig in the same size gun.

    if you're interested in the p-11 you might take a look at the KTOG forums.
  14. +1

    I'll be taking mine, along with the Mrs. to dinner and a show this very evening! The wife will be on the arm, the P-11 will be resting comfortably on my left ankle.
  15. Ari

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    Dont let him worry you :wink: I have a P-11 and I like it. Like I have said before this is the only gun I have that there is always a round in the chamber. I have had this weapon hit the ground with the round in the chamber. No AD... I carry it all the time.