Kel Tec PF9 or P3AT

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  1. I have applied for my CCW and want to get a good conceal carry gun. I have been looking at the Kel Tec PF9 and P3AT. Both are small and easy to conceal. Im leaning more towards the PF9 because it is 9mm so I wouldn't have to stock another caliber of ammo. Anybody have any experience with either?
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    Do not for get the P-11..... They are great guns too.

    Just because you are thinking CCW do not look for the smallest gun you can find. Find the gun you shoot the best and find a way to carry it! (no matter how big it is) If it is important enough to carry, carry as if you knew you were headed for a gun fight. Then train train train with your carry weapon!

    If looks like I am trying to steer you away from those two guns I am..

  3. I was just looking at the Kel Tec website and noticed the P11 is only slightly larger than the PF9 and gives you 3 more rounds. So i will def be adding that to my list when I go checkout guns.
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    Those are the 2 guns that I am wanting to possibly look at... The P-3at is pretty neat because of the small size.. the PF-9 is quite nice and small as well.. Check out this website
    they have some ballistic gelatin tests done with a Kel Tec p-3at (Various ammo)and it is apparently decent at getting near 12" of penetration.. good deal for such a tiny gun.

    Im in the same boat as you because I dont really want to add .380 to my listed of stocked calibers.. but.. It might be worth it! Ill be eyeing this thread because I want to see what people out there think about these 2 wee guns.
  5. Hi there, I own both of these (P3-AT & PF-9) and my comment to you is, it depends on what you want and why.

    For example, if you want a gun that you can just drop in a pocket and go, regardless of what you are wearing, then the P3-AT might be the pistol for you.

    However, some people consider the P3-AT a handful to shoot, some of my acquaintances have trouble firing it, my wife does not like it at all.

    I don't have a problem with it however, it does have a long trigger pull and you need to let fully go of the trigger to reset for the next shot.

    You have to practice with it to understand its potential and its limitations, if you will. This is not a target or range pistol, this is a very close range defensive weapon.

    And we have not even gone into the .380 vs 9mm debate!

    The PF-9 is a fine pistol (in my opinion) but it also has its place because it also has a (better than P3AT) long trigger pull and (again) because of its size, some people also consider it a handful, no pun intended. I like it and it is part of my carry rotation together with my Bersa UC 9mm.

    Everything in life appears to be a compromise and these are not an exception. Check out the Kel-Tec Forum so you can hopefully be better informed, whenever you decide which way you are going

    P.S. Have you looked at the Bersa pistols? maybe you should

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks for everyones input so far. And RobertoJ thanks for the links to those forumsI will be sure to check them out.
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    Do not be scared to carry a full sized weapon for your CCW. Just because the small guns are the big craze does not mean they are best thing to carry.

    The 1911 is so thin it is very easy to carry. Right now I carry my XD9 standard a bunch. (I also still use my P-11 but I carry the XD9 more) If you ever have to to shoot someone with your carry weapon you do not want to use something that is a handful to shoot. It is going to be hard enough to hit the target as it is (once the jump juice hits your vanes) without hampering yourself with a small carry gun. Then once you get the gun train train train with it.
  8. I also have both, and I'll add my input. I generally carry the PF-9 when possible. It is much lighter than my Ultra CDP and noticeably smaller. It fits nicely in my hip pocket when wearing a shirt that's not tucked in.

    If I'm a bit more dressed, with shirt tucked in and worried about lumps, the P3AT goes in a pocket holster in front-left (I'm a lefty) pocket. It forms a completely nondescript shape that looks nothing like a pistol-so it is for all practical purposes-invisible.

    My advice, if possible, carry the 9mm; if you need to be totally inconspicuous, the P3AT is the way to go. Unless of course you can find a Rohrbaugh or a Seecamp at a price you can afford!
  9. My thoughts as well. I carry a M&P9 Service model. I have a IWB holster for the warmer days and in the winter I can get away with my Blackhawck CQC. I am however looking into a snubbie for summer as a pocket carry. 5 shots should get me to a safe place. and carry 5 or 10 more on speed strips and will have the option of a reload. I looked into the Kel Tecs and found they not to be what I am looking for for that particular carry.

    Just my .02

  10. Well, I've got the PF-9. It's got about 200 rounds through it so far, with any failures. I has definitely shown an affinity for 124gr rounds, especially Hornday TAP 124's. It will never be my favorite gun to shoot, that is reserved for my CZ 75B. It will, however, be on my person every day as soon as I get my CCW squared away.
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    I would go with the PF9. Of course the size of the gun is a little bigger (still concealable) than the .380, but it should be more reliable. Just my opinion.
    Also, the sites on the PF9 are alot better. To me the little .380 is kind of hard to hold onto, the PF9 has more grip to hold.
  12. I have to give a vote for the PF-9, simply because I have one and it's what I carry when I conceal carry. Testing so far has had no failures, with ball or JHP ammo.
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    Id go for a P11 ( Ive got 2 1/2) next a pf-9
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    I have the P3AT and the P11. I like the P3AT for dressy clothes or summer carry. For winter carry or with looser clothes, I carry the P11. I don't think there's that much difference in the weight of the PF9 and the P11, and a doublestack fills my hand better. I also put the ArmaLaser on both of them and like how it breaks up the outline of the gun when I pocket carry.
  15. both are good conceal carry. I carry a Kel tec P3AT with an armalaser installed. Great for the psycological impact on the BG and will help with target aquisition in an emergency situation, however, it is a snappy recoil gun. That coupled with the LONG trigger pull, and non existent sights, makes this gun a little iffy in a night time confrontation, hence the need for the laser sights. You should remember that it is a 380 auto and 380 ammo sells for almost twice the price of 9mm luger ammo. I can handle the recoil, but at the range , after 4 or 5 clips, it begins to hurt my index finger. You really have to HOLD the gun to control repeated recoil. They do make an extended magazine for this little gun, and I have one, but it doesn't help all that much on recoil control. The long mag seems to get in the way of a rear pocket carry with my billfold style holster, so I carry the 6+1 round magazine.

    As for the PF9, it is a 9mm , the sights aren't much better than the P3AT and it is a slim gun. It should carry very simular to the P3AT and there is an armalaser available for it if you want to go that route.

    My wife carries a XD9 sub compact, but she uses a purse carry, which I don't agree with. Not a good thing if you get your purse snatched. The XD9 is a little thick for a rear pocket carry , but is an excelent choice for inside the waistband with a good soft holster. It costs alittle more than the other two, but it is a fine gun, worth every penny of the $500 plus tax price. At the range , I find the recoil to be surprizingly mild and accuracy is excellent, but I'm going to have night sights installed, because my wifes eyes aren't all that good in low light situations. Goes with sitting at a computer and ten keying all day long. Such is life.

    Semper Fi. At ease troops, smoke 'em if ya' got 'em.
  16. Thanks for everybodies input so far. I am leaning towards the PF9 but im also going to check out the Taurus Millennium Pro in 9mm.
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    I own the Pf-9 and carry it in a IWB with a Iwb mag holder as well. Pf -9 is a little different to fire on the range as it is a close range personal defense weapon. I do not believe that you will be disappointed in it. Do some research on the Kel-tec forum. They haev done agreatjob in keeping up on all the hsitory of the PF-9. Very helpful.
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    Go see how they feel to your hand. To me the PF9 has a more positive grip.
    the P11 and P3AT leave me hangin off the edge.
    None are pleasurable to shoot- just an FYI. I have the PF9, in my glove box.
  19. I carry a Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm and its a fantastic carry pistol and a really good range pistol as well. Cost is not much more than the KelTec P-11 or PF9 but you get a 12+1 capacity and a trigger that beats the KT's by a factor of 1000+. Concealing the PT111 M-Pro is not hard at all due to its small grip frame, but its not as small as the PF9 and a bit too heavy for true "pocket duty".

    The Bersa Thunder UC9 (Ultra Compact) is another pistol worth considering. This is a scaled down version of the Thunder 9 and has a traditional DA/SA mode of operation with exposed hammer instead of the striker fired system like the Taurus. The UC9's DA trigger pull is still much better than any of the KelTec's and it is way more comfortable to shoot at the range.

    In the past I owned a KT P-11 & P-40 and have shot numerours P-32's and P3AT's. The P-40 was total junk but the P-11 was a decent "carry" pistol because of its small size and slab side features. The P-11 was not a good shooter though, trigger pull sucked and accuracy was poor because the trigger pull sucked. Follow up shots were slow due to excessive recoil and because the trigger sucked.

    I would rather carry a pistol thats comfortable for extended shooting sessions at the range than something thats not fun to shoot due to small size, excessive recoil and poor trigger/handling qualities. But on the same token, you need to get a gun that meets YOUR needs and IS comfortable for YOU to shoot and carry.