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Kel-tec PLR

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Anybody have any experience with these? They look like a lot of fun, and I'm sure they give the GFW's of the world fits. Those two things alone make me want to own one.

How is the accuracy? Reliability? Durability? Do they work with all AR-15 mags, or should some brands be avoided? Are they as cool as they look?

Thanks for any input you've got.
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I have done some reading on them. They get pretty good reviews. Some say they get hot in the hand grip area. Someone here on the forum has worked with them but I do not remember who
I have had one for about a year now, shot couple hundred rounds though it with no proplems. Accuracy is decent if you can get it steady. The fore grip area does get hot, but since I added the actual for grip (has rails and all that) I havn't even noticed the heat. So far all the mags I have tried work just fine. They are all military surpus stuff (the cheap ones). It is one of my favorite guns, I just don't shoot it as much as my pistoles as the cost/availability of ammo is not exactly optimal right now. I have mounted a simmons pistol scope on it, which really helps with the accuracy (for my nearly blind self anyway) and some day plan on trying some match grade ammo in it to see just how accurate it really is. I highly recomend getting one, they are a blast.

BTW, if you do get one, I highly recomend the muzzle brake that keltec sells for them, it does work very well.

Here is a pic with a couple of its friends.............

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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