Kel-Tec Sub-2000 availability

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  1. Been rare finding those around these parts... saw a brand new one in 9mm for $350... *sigh*. Wish I had more money; is it worth putting on lay-a-way, or do you think the supply/demand problem will lessen a bit when the new 995/4095s come out?
  2. Glennfrank

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    Not too rare around here. Well, that is, only one shop I go to ever stocks them & he has in stock.
    I know the crazy guy down the block probably has them (but he wants $500).

    You may ask your favorite shop if they can special order one for you, I know mine will try and get me anything I ask for if I ask specifically.

  3. I haven't been seeking them out, but there's been one on the wall for some time (2 months) at my dealer.
  4. I believe they are slightly hard to find

    The GLOCK grip seems to be harder to find than Beretta. I bought the Beretta grip model in January 08 for $300 near Cleveland, TN. I do believe prices are bound to rise the rest of the year, particularly if a Dem gets to be Pres. They will be on the new ban list.
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    I just ordered two from a little shop in Leavittsburg, OH, her price was $245.00 and my price is $265 + tax and ship (probably around 290 each) after all said and done. Glock 17 model.