Kelo's Gun

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  1. The first snowfall of the season and Kelo makes this.


    I think he's a little obsessed....
  2. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    the handle is way to long. looks like a cordless power drill! Whoever made this is a moron!

  3. I was assuming it was a kid who made it, so take it easy.............
  4. What kind of ammo does it shoot? Dry Ice? :lol:
  5. hpman

    hpman Guest

    Cool, it's one of the new c9s with the 50 round double stack clip, ivory handles, white slide and the new high tech white polymer.
  6. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    I will not take it easy on that punk. Even a kid should know better than that.

    (it was me that made it btw)
  7. Sorry, didn't catch that, I being the moron that I can be at times, was worried that someones kid was being ragged on and didn't want to see a war start.

    Back to my chair in the corner........................
  8. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    lol against brjedi I would win. (although as the guy at the gun store said the other day; "The man who dies with the most guns wins" and currently he is winning.
  9. Psh. In a fist fight, I don't stand a chance against Kelo.
  10. Play nice boys!!! :lol:

    You guys sound like me and Taurus before he LEFT ME STRANDED IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *cough* :wink:
  11. urotu

    urotu Member

    See now, I never really got this one. He who dies with the most toys wins? He who dies with the most guns win?

    I don't think I agree, I figure, he who dies with the most guns, still dies.

    Nice ice gun BTW kelo, but bew careful about comparing it to a powerdrill. Someone might think you've copied a JHP .45 :shock: