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KelTec P3AT (2nd Generation) carry options....

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Just picked up a new 2nd Generation KT P3AT and looking for a way to carry it, besides just dropping it in the pocket. For those of you who own the P3AT what type of holster are you using and what are the good/bad of your holster?
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Desantis Nemesis. Great holster for the price!

Ive also got the larger nemesis for my p-11 but it just doesnt fit the gun as well as the smaller one fits the P3AT. I cut the larger one to fit the contours of the gun better and now its just as great.
I have 2 different Desanti holsters that I use with my P3AT. I have a Desanti Sting that I use at work. It fits good in the front pocket of a pair of overalls and holds an extra magazine.

When it is doing BUG duty it rides in a Desanti Nemisis.

I would say the Nemisis is the best all around pocket holster for the P3AT. I bought both of mine direct from Desanti. They have a search function on there website that will show all the holsters they make for your specific gun. Thats how I found the Sting. http://www.desantisholster.com/

Another option is the holsters made by pocketholsters.com. I dont own one for the P3AT but I do have one for my derringer. They are hi quality leather holsters molded to your specific model. They have a flap of leather ( "or anti print panel" ) on them to breakup the outline of the gun in your pocket. You put one pf them in your back pocket it looks like you just have a wallet there. It would make a nice surprise for anyone that tried to rob you. Here is the link to those. They are a little pricey but I think worth the price.
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Does the spare mag get in the way of drawing the pistol from the Sting holster? I know there's not a lot of grip frame to work with on these tiny guns and just by looking at the pic the spare mag appears to cut down on one ability to grip the pistol for draw.

From what I have been reading the Nemisis holster seems to be the most popular for pocket carry. Would like to find someone local that has one just to check out before placing an order.
It does hinder getting a grip somewhat. You just have to get the gun started out of the holster a bit then get your full grip. It doesn't really slow the draw down.
Damn those guns are tiny.
I hesitate to ask, since I'm initially limiting choices to two and may get slammed: Best reasonably-priced concealed carry arm: Keltec vs. Bersa?

I know there are other similarly priced options, such as Maks, but for reasonably compact weapons that use OTC standard ammo (particularly 9mm), what do you recommend?
... for reasonably compact weapons that use OTC standard ammo (particularly 9mm)...
I have 2 pistols in 9Mak, they have a bit more power than a .380 for more money and Wally doesn't carry it. So, in addition to my .45:
I have a P3AT because it is tiny. It is so light and small it pretty much disappears into a pocket. A pocket holster is really necessary because it will move around in your pocket without it. It is smaller, thinner, and weighs less than my pocket .22 pistols (Taurus PT22 and Beretta 21a)

For a small 9mm I bought a PF-9, I can't afford a Rohrbaugh! I think it would be a good compromise for a single carry pistol. Small enough to be a pocket pistol (smaller than the Bersa .380) but its 9X19 cartridge is powerful enough for primary carry.

as always--YMMV
Farmkid, If your looking for something you wont even realize you're carrying, go w/ a p3at

P-11 is a bit larger but still very small. Ive held a PF9 but not much longer than 5mins, apparently they are even easier to carry than the double stack.

cant say much on the Bersa though, they look a bit large and heavy for a mouse gun but ive never tried carrying one.

If you look hard enough you can find a P-40 which is the P-11 chambered for the .40 S&W or If you're really lucky you can find a P-357.

Word got to me that a P-40 is at the local pawn shop but they are unaware of its rarity so Im heading down there tomorrow to inspect and possibly give it a new home.

The KelTec P3AT, Bersa Thunder 380 and Makarov round out my smallest CCW's, and based on size and weight the P3AT is the one that is so easy to carry I see no reason leaving home without it. My primary CCW is a S&W 9VE and I could still drop the little P3AT in the pocket and never give it a second though, its that small!
I like the P3AT because its so compact. I wanted something that I could pocket carry at work that concealed well so it fits the bill. I can carry it in my pocket and forget its there. .380 isn't the best round but I would rather have a .380 in my pocket than tell an attacker to hold on while I go home and get my Glock. I know since I have purchased my P3AT I have never been unarmed ( unless I was somewhere that I cant legally carry in GA ).
I have a PF9 in uncle mikes size 36 holster. Neoprene for IWB, but I almost always have it in a pocket. I sometime for get I have it on me its so light. I really like it for its size. I do suggest some kind of holster though since the only safety is your brain. I also sanded the back of the grip cause it dug into my hand from rough spots in the plastic.
I use two pocket holsters... my favorite is the DeSantis' "Trickster", and my alternate, that I keep in my bookbag/compter bag is the Uncle Mikes #3 pocket holster. A lot of folks like the #2, but I prefer the #3 even though it may be bulkier. I've even used a simple ambidextrous IWB holster. But... I mostly go with the pocket holster almost all the time. I mean these are small guns for just that purpose.
I just attached the belt clip and carry it in my front pocket.
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