Kicked out of Cabellas for Open Carry!

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Uraijit, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Well, I've had my CWP for a few weeks now, and I finally got sick of not having an IWB holster. I don't really know exactly what I want, so I decided to just go with a cheap Uncle Mike's until I figure out what I want to spend some real money on.

    My wife was at work, and then is working a shift at the fire station afterward, so I was alone for the day and evening. After getting my sleep for the day (I work nights) I decided to just run up to Cabella's 20 miles away, and pick up a holster.

    While I was at it, I figured I'd get at least 1 XD-40 subcompact magazine, so that I can finally do the "grip chop" to my 'Service Model' XD. And, what the hell, while I'm spending money, I've been wanting to go to ceramic beads for my brass tumbler.

    My brother texted me, and asked me to come help him look over the motorcycle that he's rebuilding, and make a list of what parts it still needed. I told him that I was going to run up to Cabella's first, and that he was welcome to come along. "I've never been there," he said, "I s'pose I'll tag along". I run a few blocks down the road and pick him up.

    We travel the 20 miles or so, up to Alpine. After driving past the 2 entire rows of handicap parking, and remarking at how ridicules it is to waste that much parking that would NEVER be used at that store, we saunter inside, making small-talk and searching for the object of my desire--a Uncle Mikes Size #15 Sidekick IWB Holster.

    Now, I can't ever really figure out the layout of this place... They have the store laid out in sections--Guns, Gun Accessories, Clothing, Boats, Fishing, etc. But within each section, there doesn't really seem to be any logic to any of it. Each isle seems to have a little bit of everything in it. So you have to check each isle.

    Isle 1 has about 5 holsters, "Blackhawks, and a couple of Galcos. Next to them, we have a Coyote Calls, Paintballs, Shoelaces, .50 BMG reloading dies, and Trail Mix... Alright, lets try isle 2."

    "...more Galcos, and some Uncle Mike's, but these ones appear to be only the Kydex ones... Next to them, we have .40 S&W reloading dies, a rifle sling, Glock Magazines, wool socks, Sig Sauer Night Sites... Hmmm, lets try the NEXT isle".

    The next isle has another random assortment of products... "Hmm, .22 lr ammo, 30-06 reloading dies, ah, here's a couple holsters..."

    So about 3 min. into this little Yard-sale experience, up walks a guy in a tan shirt. He says "I'm _____ [Didn't catch the name] with Cabella's Asset Protection [meaning he's supposed to watch out for shoplifters] and you need to either take your gun back to your truck, or conceal it. Utah doesn't have an Open Carry Law."

    I guess he doesn't realize that being that this is a free country, I don't need a law to tell me something's legal. Under our legal system, something's 'legal', unless it's 'illegal'.

    Well, I'm a little taken aback. First of all, I find it incredibly odd that the first time ANYBODY has a problem with my gun, in over a year of open-carrying, it's at a Cabella's, of all places! And it's incredibly ironic that it just so happens to be when I'm trying to purchase a concealment holster!

    He continues on, "...or give me the gun, and I'll lock it up..." At this point, I've heard enough. I don't feel like wasting my time explaining how, or why it's legal, to some drone who makes $8 an hour, who needs to feel important by telling me his views of the law.

    "Okay, we'll leave," I say. "Okay, thank you," he replies. And then we leave.

    I have no problem spending my money on the internet, and it seems that this is the thanks I get for making an effort to spend my money locally. It doesn't matter to me if they don't want my money, but I'm kinda pissed I burned the gas to go up there.

    I'm going to be writing a letter to Cabella's Corporate Offices, and relaying my experience to them. I don't know if this is business as usual, but if it is, I will never set foot in Cabella's again.

    So after we drive back and check little bro's bike over, we decide to go rent a movie. I have a Blockbuster Pass, so I take a movie back to exchange. Decided on Charlie Wilson's War (which is pretty good, BTW).

    In the back of my mind, I'm still slightly self-conscious of the gun on my hip, even though I've carried in this store many times. I walk up to the counter, and hand over the movies. The guy at the counter smiles and says, "whatcha carrying there?" "Oh crap," I think, but reply, "It's a Springfield XD40." "Subcompact?", he asks. "Nope, it's a service model, but I'm going to do the 'grip chop' so it will have the shorter grip like the Subcompact". "Cool," he says, "you have a CWP?" "Yup." "Me too, I just got mine. I carry a Subcompact XD-40." "Cool"!

    And I'd always heard that Blockbuster was uptight about guns...
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    Ive yet to have a buisness or person ask me to leave because of open carry. I have had a police officer ask to see my ID and permit (which i did) when i was walking down the street. I think he may have thought i was too young to be carrying. Heck i walked a dozen blocks down the street last night carrying a uncased rifle after i picked it up from a freind and i got three "Hi's" and a "nice rifle" from passer-by's. Dang i love South Dakota.


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    This was my first negative experience as well. For the Most part, Utahns are pretty conservative, and therefore have enough sense to not try to stay out of other people's faces. To be quite honest, most folks don't really seem to notice, so I rarely get any response, either negative OR positive.
  4. I don't open carry myself. Let's face it, if you open carry... people, including LE and Store Security, are going to stop and ask you about it. My nephew likes to open carry when he rides his bike because, in his opinion, it keeps cars from riding up his butt. Other than that, he doesn't like the hastle; so, when he gets off, he conceals it.
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    Yeah, the ironic thing was that I was there to BUY a concealment holster... But I don't have a problem open-carrying.

    Turns out, it's a good way to find places that are better not supported by my money... :wink:
  6. I don't have my carry pemit yet, but when I do, I will open carry from time to time. why? do I want to be John Wayne or Rambo? no. fact of teh matter is, it's my right. Cabellas of all places, should have been fine with that right. personally, when you send that letter to their corporate office, I would mention that they just lost at least one customer, and probably more once your family, friends and acquaintences here about teh way you were treated for excersising your right to carry.
  7. Uraijit

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    One friend I told, said that he will absolutely never go back there. So they've lost at least 2 customers already...
  8. I don't have a problem with Cabelas, it's one of my favorite stores and I never had a problem though I do carry concealed.

    I really don't believe they have a problem other than a liability issue, being open carried will leave your gun more suseptable to being grabbed.
  9. OR it could make someone think twice about mugging you, or robbing teh establishment that you are currently at...

    Criminals are lazy. thats why they rob and steal as opposed to getting out there and actually working. they are predators, and like predators, if they see that their prey is going to be harder than tehy originally thought, they'll move on to easier targets.
  10. Urajit, that's funny, cause the Cabelas down here in WA has no problem with OC. In fact, all of us on the OC forums in WA have gone there as a group several times and have had no issue. I thought corporate policy on Cabelas was that they would mirror state law, and obviously Utah is even better than WA on OC! I applaud your decision to not give them your business if they are infringing on your rights though, although I usually make it a point of speaking to the general manager of any establishment before writing them off, or actually leaving. Usually the general manager is the only one who has the authority to ask you to leave the store. Other employees have no authority, but usually get people to leave because they are "official" or they have a badge......let us know how the letter to their corporate headquarters goes, and good to hear someone else on here OCs besides myself and Ernie! :)
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    I personally think had you told him that you were only in there to buy a holster, he could have cut you some slack. Regardless, it is bull that a hunting and fishing establishment would ask you to be unarmed in a store that is all about shooting activities. I was out to dinner one night with my wife and when I streched, my gun was peeking out at some kid at another table. I heard him say to his dad " Daddy, that guy has a gun." to which my niece replied very loudly he has two with him. Yeah, I asked for the check and got the hell out of there. I feel it is safer for me and everyone else if they don't know I have one. That leaves a criminal more focused on the overall task at hand and gives me an opportunity to make a move. I feel that by open carry, I could make myself the first target in the room. This being said, I support everyones right to carry however they see fit. As for Cabellas, good ridance.
  12. Great way to handle it Ijit, and I am sorry for the BS you had to go through.
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    that is funny! :lol: I'm sure it wasn't at the time though :?
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    Aside from Portland and Eugene here in Oregon everyone is pretty laid back on CC/OC. In the town I live in it isn't uncommon to see someone walking around with a rifle, or a handgun.
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    See, when that guy said there is no law about open carry, I would have said to him right there that that means it is not illegal to open carry...tell them that if they dont want people bringing firearms into a hunting store, they should have a sign saying so...

    Also, would have pointed out that you were looking for a holster to carry concealed...

    But this is the second story of Cabela's kicking someone out for Open Carry..the other was on ARFCOM, where it happened to a man and his wife, both of whom were OCing at the time...they were offered the same options...lock it up, or leave the pistols and/or magazines in their vehicle...
  16. SharpsShtr

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    Even though open carry is legal in your, businesses and individuals have the right to say no to it on their own property. As with you, I would give them no further business. I would also go back one more time, talk to the overall manager, and tell him what you think of the stores policy. Tell him you that you won't be shopping there again and that you'll encourage all you know to do the same.

  17. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I brought my little Rohm RG-10 to see if I could pawn it off at cabella's, I had a trigger lock on it and carried in a rifle case and they still made me take it out and put a lock on it of their own...

    I did get a free padlock out of the deal since I missplaced my own...yes my case was padlocked too.

    But this was in WisComunism.

    I never try to open carry anywhere even though Iowa is technically an open carry state.
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    Ijit, Did you get a response from the email you sent to Cabelas? I think we all are itching to see both the email you sent, and their email response. Just a thought, you may open more of our eyes (or at least that asset protection guy's). :lol:
  19. Huh. That's odd.

    I've read stories about people being asked to leave at Cabela's for OCing. In those stories, the OCer usually asks to talk to a superior and the peon is told to stop being an idiot.
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    I don't care for Cabellas in the 1st place, so put me down on the list of customers lost.