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Don't worry...he didn't die in vain...you might not be able to eat him safely due to the tapeworm and the associated risk of disease, but if you leave the carcass in an area away from people and domestic animals, I'm certain a scavenger or two can make a meal out of this...just be sure to BURN the gutpile so that those dang tapeworms don't spread any further! In other words, dig a quick pit, dump in the guts/innards, throw some brush and gasoline in, and then light that sucker up so you kill anything in the guts that might potentially spread the parasite. Of course, standby with a fire extinguisher/water bucket to ensure the safe progression of the fire! Don't let it get out of hand!

Just a thought or two...and when you're done burning the guts, take the rest of the carcass out to a remote area and leave it for the coyotes/buzzards, etc...Hey, they gotta eat, too, and your kill could provide a meal for 'em...plus, you could always check back at the carcass later to see if there are some coyotes around...makes for some good predator hunting!


Jag 8)
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