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  1. bigfrank330

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    Funniest thing happened yesterday
    A guy I know kept asking to go with me to the range to shoot
    He was bragging about his Kimber 22 and 9mm
    And letting me know how good they were and what a POS my hi points are
    Well we went Sunday morning
    I brought a C9 , C9 compensated and my Ruger
    I went to the line and ripped of 30 rounds from the Ruger and about 60 rounds from the two C9's
    He was behind me fumbling w/ his kimber 22
    He went to the line and the darn thing jammed
    he loaded another clip into it
    Another jam
    I went to the line ripped off another 50-60 rounds
    He came back up -- nothing but a hard time
    I asked him if he would just load magazines for me -- since he couldn't shot his high priced guns
  2. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Did he ever get his 9 mm shooting?

  3. undeRGRound

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    "subbed for ensuing hilarity" :D

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  4. bigfrank330

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    he shot the 9 a little bit
    maybe ten rounds then he stopped
    I almost felt sorry for him
  5. My Kimbers have only jammed a few times, but I've sent them back for poor craftsmanship about 5 times! I use to collect 1911's and Kimbers by far have had the worst luck for me and I owned 3. I still have 2 and plan to trade them off soon because I just don't enjoy them anymore.
  6. james45

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    I've never owned a Kimber but I have never heard one good thing about them.
  7. bluharley

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    They're expensive, and for some with more money than brains, that's all they need to hear.
  8. jim417

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    A LGS near me refuses to sell them. They sold 8 in a short period and all 8 came back with problems. Kimber actually send a person to his store to work and them and he could only fix 2 of them himself. The owner himself had one and said it was junk. He said he would never carry them again.
  9. GKC

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    I've owned three Kimber 1911s...paid over $1K for each of them...worst 1911s, or for that matter, any other kind of handguns I've ever owned. Kimber's CS consisted of "shoot 500 rounds and then call us." I traded them (with full disclosure) and will never own another.
  10. bluharley

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    So why are they so expensive if they don't work reliably? Are they made out of kryptonschlepton or something?
  11. jim417

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    The guy I mentioned earlier said that the exterior stuff is so high quality it is hard for the other makers to compare to it, but they cheap out on the internals, which is the most important. It's like anything else, once upon a time it was the brand to have, so everyone had to have it. There are diehards out there that will stand behind certain brands no matter what reality is.
  12. Rerun

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    I love my Hi-Point C9!


  13. GKC

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    A lot of people call them "MIMbers" because they are filled with MIM parts. Not what you want on a $1K gun. MIM parts, if done correctly, can be fine...but at that price, I expect 100% real steel parts.

    They have their do many other brands of guns...but my experience with them and the company was decidedly unpleasant.
  14. bluharley

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    Never heard of MIM parts, til now. According to Wikipedia, it is a very inexpensive way to mass produce small parts. So a Kimber, using very inexpensive parts, costs over a grand? Something doesn't make sense,
  15. GKC

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    The use of MIM parts is not unusual, even in some of the higher end production guns. MIM isn't necessarily bad, if it's done right. However, Kimber uses MIM parts to a greater extent than many other 1911 makers do, and for more critical parts. Kimber is priced based on its name, appearance, and status...not its "working" value. I've owned many 1911s, and my Kimbers were the worst of them all. Rock Island Armory (Armscor) makes very affordable 1911s (around $500, depending on the model) that are not so "pretty" but they are darn good shooters. I'd take an RIA that works any day over a good-looking but jam-o-matic Kimber.
  16. planosteve

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    jam-o-matic, LOL:D
  17. SteveC

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    We had a shooter we hadn't met before at a USPSA match last Saturday who was telling us all about his beautiful Kimber that he uses as a carry gun. Then he says, with a straight face, that "it can be darn finicky sometimes," which is pretty close to the last thing I expect anybody with two neurons to rub together to say about his CARRY gun. As he walks off, I turn to my fellow RO and ask if he thinks the guy has noticed that not a single competitor, not one, was shooting a Kimber.
  18. bluharley

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    That's what I want! A finicky gun when I'm trying to save my life!! That's funny:rolleyes:
  19. onelife

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    My dad has a Kimber 1911 and has had no problems with it. He has shot 1000s of round through it with very few problems. Probably the most reliable pistol I have shot. But maybe he got it when it was good. Idk My dad is a very good pistol shot and was shooting bowling pins at 100 yards.
  20. "Call us after you've shot 500 rounds". My answer when they told me that was, "Damn that'll take forever one round at a time!"

    I got one as part of a trade a while back, wondered why the guy tossed it in to sweeten the deal. Only time it would reliably fire was the first shot. If you could get it to load off the magazine.