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Who here owns a kimber 1911? I have been putting some real thought into getting that pro covert ll. I like my other 1911's and i think that kimber might just be my replacement as my carry gun. I just want to know how well other people like them as that gun will set my back about $1100-$1200.
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I dont know about you, but I would spread my wealth around on other guns. This is just me voicing an opinion here. If you can afford such a whack on your cash, then go for it.
Others will chime in on thier opinions as well.

As for a Kimber...they got alot of nice upgrades for the venerable 1911. I seen the pics online, and have held one. Def nice pistolas..nomatter the "grade".
I love my kimber classic
I have 2 Kimbers.
A Custom Classic with upgrades and a Grand Raptor (stock) and do want another (Gold Combat).

I also like their rifles and shotguns.
I dont know who here has it as there signature but it says cheap guns expensive gun I love them all or something like that and its so so true I own cheap guns and expensive gun and I love all guns. I have been eye'n the covert ll for the last couple months and i have it on my christmas list so I may hold off till then and see if my wife will get it for me. But I know sooner or later I will get it.
I have an Ultra CDP II and I really like it. It is light and small for a .45, it feeds and ejects flawlessly. I consider it my primary carry gun and I trust it totally. Notice it is a II? It also has the 'dreaded' external extractor! It has been flawless through about 1500 rounds so far. If you want a Kimber buy it.
Kimbers look awsome and when compared to other 1911 pistols they are probably the best looking and most refined you will find outside a hand finished custom pistol. If I were buying another 1911, had several back in the 80's and early 90's, I would go back with a Springfield Armory 1911 Government Model.

Reason I like the SA 1911's is because my guns are working guns and field guns. I would hate to carry a $1100 pistol to the woods and it get soaking wet in a rain storm or be carried for hours in the early morning misty dew. This does not mean I would refuse a Kimber if it were given to me, would most definatly take it and use it as a safe queen till I could sell it or trade it in on several working class guns that suite my needs more. :)

I have a SA TRP and it has been great to me I saw that kimber with the digital camo grips and laser sight and it feels great in my hand thats why I really want it.
Have a Kimber Grand Raptor II. 1000.00 NIB

Great shooting gun. It does not see the range a great deal though.
Any gun that cost that much money I'd be afraid of scratching the damn thing. The only gun that I have that's worth that much money is my Desert Eagle, and that thing is a tank. I am not scared of damaging that one, so it's all good.
Y'all afraid of using an expensive gun confuse me. I don't buy safe queens. I use every firearm I own; I am a firm believer in 'If it can't take it , it can't stay.' My Kimber is fired every time I get a chance to shoot. I'm also not afraid of it being taken in case I use it in a defensive situation. I know it will become 'evidence' but I bought it because I could trust it to protect my life and those that I love. If it does that it has more than justified its price.

Scratches, holster wear, and other signs of honest use are to be expected.
That is how it should be none of my guns are display guns they are all guns that you can pick up take out and fire. Im pretty sure Primal will like this. This is my dads Desert Eagle when he first got it and yes we do that that big beast out and shoot it. .50AE
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24 Karat Gold with White Gold Tiger Stripes.... Wow, what a waste of money. Beautiful gun, don't get me wrong, but what the hell is the point of all that?

Give me the bare bones blued .50AE and let me have fun. I have taken my Desert Eagle hunting for Deer, Turkey, Squirrels and been all over the woods, mountains, gone fishing with it a few times. With that one you would do all that with it. Beautiful gun, makes me jealous, but it really has no purpose except to be all bling bling.

Thanks for sharing that rockcrawlerdude, awesome pic.
We do shoot it we just dont beat the c--p out of it. You have to understand that my father is a lawyer and bling is part of being a lawyer it makes a great convo piece.
I got to tell you kimber does not have anything on the Dan Wesson Point man seven.... The Dan is a better gun with a way smaller price tag. The guy that owns my local gun shop is a pistol smith the 1911 is his bag. He will not carry Kimber in the store.

This is from the Dan Wesson web page

The Pointman Seven is a 5†series 70 style 1911 featuring a stainless steel frame and forged stainless steel slide. Like all Dan Wesson 1911s, Pointman models incorporate top quality parts from the best names in the industry

· Forged, one piece match grade barrel and bushing.
· Round top slide with Bo-Mar style adjustable target sight
· Hand polished flat surfaces with contrasting bead blasted rounds
· Flat, all steel 20-LPI checkered mainspring housing
· Front and rear cocking serrations
· Beveled magwell
· All sharp edges dehorned by hand
· Lowered and flared ejection port
· Hand polished feed ramp
· Ed Brown slide stop
· Ed Brown memory groove grip safety
· Tactical extended thumb safety
· One piece full length stainless guide rod
· Commander style match hammer
· Match grade sear
· Aluminum trigger with stainless bow
· Extended serrated magazine catch
· Wolff springs used exclusively
· Diamond checkered coco-bolo grips
· Tuned, machined, internal extractor
· Test fired for reliability
· 38 ounces unloaded
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