Kimbers, What to watch out for

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  1. Ok, I may end up regretting posting this here, but I'm going for it anyways because I just posted it in another post about 1911's. I'm not a Kimber hater, but just don't like them from all the stories I've heard about them and didn't like the fit of a couple I checked out in a few gun shops. Then I read this after I already had made up my mind, but is still some shocking information.
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    Wow, great link man! A while back was considering a Kimber (bought me a CZ Rami instead). Then I spoke with current and former owners who all have had the problems listed on that link. Man, Kimber needs to clean it up or get out of the game. They can't expect to keep sales with such shotty workmanship.

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    My local good store the owner is a 1911 smith. He had a kimber match II there in the store (brand new gun) , he used that gun to show how bad the fit was. So I have seen how bad he frame to slide fit is.. This is a good link. Kimber should be flogged as they are blowing smoke and not turning out a good product.
  4. I have no issues with my Kimbers but I will look into this, perhaps they may be experiencing a hiccup in QC at this time.
    I'm going to have to hit a few shops and check it out.

    My Kimbers are a bit older and I love them.

    Oh well, I really want a Wilson at this stage of the game anyhow and will probably trade the Grand Raptor but the CustomII has some custom work done and is my 100% carry gun, flawless in all ways inc fit and finish sans normal wear and tear.

    Anyhow as stated, they all have their problems, I was looking at posts with all the Springer problems after seeing the post below earlier.
    You can see the same types of posts for any brand.