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  1. senerio:

    Your car broke down and you took the bus to work.

    What knife do you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW.


    Not what you want to carry, what you intend to buy next week or have in your truck or the BOB at home.

    what do you have in your pocket with the specific intent of not being arrested but being prepared for your expectation from a knife on a daily basis.
  2. vallen

    vallen Member

    benchmade ATS-34

    if i'm in a suit it's the Kershaw Silver Spur II

  3. Kershaw vapor

    Figured I'd throw this non-stock photo up here for those who care to see what a Vapor looks like.

  4. herrmannek

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    I carry a 12cm spring folder in the pocket...everywhere... Its the one of those cheap Chinese knives with a led flashlight... I carry it closed in the nice pouch... That should save me from being accused of planning any bad things when searched or questioned... All knives are legal in Poland unless they are designed to look like something else for example hidden in a cane... Theoretically you can walk with sword on your hip :) MAybe I'm going to buy something a lil better, I'm not to found of the blade lock on the current knife...
  5. My daily carry knife is a Columbia River M16-13Z-3.5" of serrated-blade goodness. A little thick perhaps, but sometimes that extra blade reach is well worth it!

  6. Troller98

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    My daily carry knife is a Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat. Its got a 4 1/4" blade, not too big, but enough for most tasks. I honestly feel naked if I happen to step out the door without it. I have lots of pocket folders but I love the ergonomics of the Gerber.


    What I need to get fixed is my Timberline auto opener. Its got a 4 1/2" tanto blade. Its a bit bulkier than my gerber but I love the assisted opening. I managed to break the screws off that hold the clip in place, and I have yet to find the correct metric screws to fix it correctly. So it sits in my get home pack.
  7. Decoligny

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    I have a buck knife, not sure of the official model number, but it has two blades that open on opposite ends of the knife.

    They are each 3.5" long, one a sheepfoot which is serated, and the other a drop point blade.

    Each blade is shaving razor sharp.

    If I am in dress pants, it is in my pocket, if in jeans, I carry it in a black nylon fabric horizontal belt holster that closes with velcro and the knife is positioned to be opened with the drop point blade out front.

    One quick move with my hand and the knife is in hand, and one quick thumb move and the blade is open, almost instantaneous.

    This knife is a very useful everyday tool, but it is also a very effective self defense weapon.

    A long shallow (1" to 2" deep) slice will disable an opponent just as effectively as a deep stab wound.
  8. HPHooked

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    Columbia River M16-13Z and a Swiss Army Knife a la MacGyver. I believe it is the mechanics model as it has a model A ford on one side. Neither have let me down yet. I've had the Swiss knife for about 15 years now. :wink:
  9. I carry a Victorinox Hiker model swiss army knife in the pocket all the time.

    I ALWAYS have a small pack in my vehicle and when I leave the vehicle the pack goes with me. Inside this pack is at least one 3.5"-4" lock blade folding knife and a sheath knife of modest blade length.

  10. Smith & Wesson 24/7 1/2 Serrated and my Leatherman Sideclip. I like the looks of the S&W and it draws quick and smooth (3/4 second quicker than my pistol, actually). Would actually go for my knife first if presented with a high-speed close quarter threat.


    They don't make sideclips any more. I bought five at a K-Mart that was going out of business for $6.50 apiece. People sell 'em on ebay for $35-$40. I'm looking for a good name-brand multitool with pocket clip as I hate belt pouches for knives.

  11. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Kershaw Leek Well today thats what it is....

  12. leo 1287

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    I have a Cold Steel in sheath that I hang around my neck and a large Cold Steel folder that I carry in my fanny pack. Super knives!

  13. billybybose

    billybybose Guest

    My edc is a buck folder.I forget the model#.3.5 non-serrated blade,rubber inserts in grip,curved point at the other end for hammer fist blows.A good knife for h2h but isnt black or tacticool for court. :D
  14. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

  15. Ari

    Ari Guest

    The vapor is very much like my Leek.. They are very handy and fast
  16. MikeAZ,

    Thanks so much! I figured there had to be a solution out there. I just haven't ever liked belt pouches. If I used them for my phone, spare mag, cuffs, and knife, I think I'd look like a wannabe Batman.

  17. Idotusa

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    A Maser Cutlery locking strait razor designed by Tom Anderson and a Winchester lock blade.

    I have two hands one knife is for slashing and one is for stabbing.
  18. Space

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    Always have this one in my pocket. This thing is SHARP and is also a money clip.

  19. Thayldt21

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    Why does every one show stock photo's instead of the knife they actally use???

    I see a lot of pics of high end knives that come from the advertisment source but none of the at home on my table pics. :?

    Just a question.
  20. gunzenhausen

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    correction..KNIVES in pocket

    Okay guys, I just pulled my spring assisted lock back knife out of my jeans pocket. It is with me constantly, even at the office. In my purse I have a buck knife in a soft case, an ornamental lockback knife shaped like a feather that I use as a letter opener and a standard lock back knife. My late father's small pocket knife is there also. I have a small ducks unlimited pocket knife that is attached to my keyring...I impressed the heck out of a clerk when I snapped it open to cut the tape on a box for her...If I could find a way to get my AK bayonet and my sheathed hunting knife into my bag I would.

    Am I indulging in overkill? I don't think so. My dad always told me to carry a pocket knife with me. Now they remind me of him, and if I loose one, I always have a backup.