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  1. I'm sure we all have our favorite survival knife / knives for a lot of different reasons and we have our sharpening tools with us to keep them sharp . My question is what if we lost our miracle sharpeners and all we had was a flat rock that we found beside a stream , would your blade be soft enough to be sharpened with it ? I have a few knives that take a long time to get dull , but when they do it is hard to sharpen because of the hardness of the blade steel.

  2. Spot, sometimes when I sharpen my knives they feel as if I used a rock anyway, never have got the hang of sharpening them.
    Do any of the knife sharpening products/contraptions work well? Other than a whetstone, what else can y'all recommend as a good tool that actually works?

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    Lansky This shapener does it well. Its sharp enough to shave with every time.
    I round that off with a leather strop.
    I worked as a deck hand after I got out of the Navy and used this shapener to keep my blades scary sharp. [​IMG]
  4. Griff30, thanks for the Lansky info and link, the price is good to.

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    I found this in a vehicleI bought in 2003 This and a Buck Diamondback Knife.


    And this is my Diamondback I found with it. Very, very sharp :wink:

  6. I second the comment on the Lansky .
  7. I have owned a Lansky sharpening system since I was 15 years old, and I refuse to use anything else. They are time consuming on a really dull knife, but they get the job done very well.
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    I pretty much use a Arkansas hard stone
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    I can tell you that a knife has saved my ilfe more than once. The old saying of a "Bringing a knife to a gun fight" is funny for me as I know a real knife fighter can close the gap before the gunman has a chance to think. Always carry one and always carry sharp.
    The lansky is time consuming, more so than shinning your shoes every night. The results are worth it.
    Also I need to add: Buy a nice strop and have a barber teach you how to use it. ,a barber can tell how to shapen the best knives. As would a Butcher.
    My choices for knives may be surprising.
    For folders I use the Buck Folding hunter. They do wear out and I have went though alot. Lifetime warrenty though. They are less "scary and intimidatiing" though. For sheath knives I like spear points with heavy blades. Don't waste your money on terms like CQB and the like. The more they look "desinged for military" , the more "Scary and dangerous" at a trial. Look for a Kempo class or Kali/Escrima near you (within 100 miles) go to one for the knife defence class (call ahead). These classes are very knife offensive than knife defensive. The reason is that to defend against a knife you need to know how to attack with one. Most "Mall Karate" classes wont teach you crap. A really good alternative is to look for the video series from "Cold Steel" the maker of the Cold Steel knives. You can find them on torrent trackers I'm sure. There are videos online of a gunman and a knife fighter squared off and at distanse of up to 15 meters and the knifeman wins. And understand you will NOT get up and simply "Bite the bullet and keep fighting" with a wound like that from a skilled knifeman, you would be finsihed in maybe 3 seconds. You cannot "just sacrafice an arm" like some karate classes teach. Luckily knife fighting has discipline that can make a person a better man, unlike picking up a gun where anyone can do it.
  10. What sharpening method do you use with the lansky? I recently bought one but I was a bit thrown off by them promoting the "alternate one stroke per side" method.
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    Good post! The gun is but one tool, the idea is to have a well rounded program. Most of the places you get firearms training focus on the firearm alone. They are gun guys and that is all they know. If you get into a program that teaches firearms as only one of the tools you will be much better off. This is also why learning and training to fire from the hip is so important.

    Remember always keep your chin tucked!
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    No offense, but that video only proves that people have reaction times. That's why people with knives in their hands are considered a threat at distances of 21 feet. It takes that long to react no matter what defensive weapon a person has. If the person on the defense would've had a knife in a sheath he'd be just as dead. That video wasn't "bringing a knife to a gun fight" it was an ambush plain and simple. That's why that cop was justified for TASERing that guy by the road the instant he put his hand into his pocket. That video also shows the "cop" standing still and eventually aiming where the attacker was before he moved even thought he was now off to her right side. What's up with that? Me thinks the video maker was trying to make a point instead of using two individuals, of equal skill, using proper tactics.

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    Actually I do a 10 stroke per side for about 50 strokes with rough grades of stone then 5 till its time for the next stone. Working downto one stroke per side with the white extra fine stone. Always move the stone like your cutting into the stone (NOT HARD) and opposite direction with the strop. The strop takes the skiff off the edge leaving a glisting polished razor.
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    I agree that video was the first I could find. No offence taken. Yeah the cop acted staged.
    There are many videos though, that show what Massad Ayoob had once wrote about under 15 feet distance a knife attacker may have the edge.
    I also remember during the OJ Simpson trial that the defence said that the attacks could not have been done by one person in the time frame, in only a minute or so.
    I train on a dummy, that I can slice to the bone 8 or more deep slices a second, others are faster. I seen a small, unassuming Phillipino barber cut a training dummy with nearly 20 cuts in the same time frame, (two knives of course)
    My contention is that people should train to protect themselves in that distance, especially against a knife. And the only way to protect from it is to learn to use it.
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    I would say and have read that the distance where a knife wielding attacker has an advantage is a little greater than 15 feet. At the distance shown in the video I'm not sure that even having a good knife in your hand would have saved you. Maybe a good hardwood walking stick or a baton. But yes, it would be good to have training in the proper use of a knife.

  16. I learned to sharpen knives from my grandfather, with a whetstone and a tiny bit of oil. Works great for me. takes practice.
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    Very true: A gun or a knife are not the only weapons bad people will use against you. Its all part of "Self Defense" The total package starts and stops with the individual: Watching traffic, noting odd people in the neighborhood, avoiding obvious areas that have "incidents" (bars, clubs, etc) Being aware of your surroundings, and all the bad stuff that may occur "Might" sound tiring to a noob: Its better than the alternative.
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    I often wonder where you guys come up with these theories.

    Over in 3 seconds?

    Anyone can pick up a gun and be effective?

    A knife trained individual is inherently a "better man"?

    There are a lot of flaws in that "logic". What was that old saying?

    God made man, Col. Colt made him equil.

    HER too!

    Knives were what they were talking about.

    Any of you guys that were in the military ever have to do pushups for walking away from your weapon. There was a reason for that. The trainers wanted you to feel naked without that weapon in your hand. Avoiding the pushups was accomplished by keeping the weapon in your hand.

    The 21 foot rule only works if the knife man is the aggresser. If the gunman already has his hand on the gun the 21' rule disapears. The knife man must always attack first and the gunman react. You must purposely plan to take the person out before they can defend themselves.

    That means that inherently, carring the knife is the intent to commit murder and carying the gun is self defense. This is the reason that in so many states carrying a knife illigally is a felony and carrying a gun illigally a misdomenor.

    No one dies in three seconds from hemmorage. Even an artery takes longer.

    I work in a hospital. I see people brought in with 8" butcher knives sticking out of them still wanting to fight. They have to sedate them to work on them.

    Hang around the ER for a while and then do the math. Knife wound survival rate is higher than gunshot wound rate. And I have seen them brought in two at a time. Wounded gunman and dead knifeman.
  19. dirtimdebbie,

    There are a couple of arteries that you can bleed out from in less than thirty seconds. Maybe 3 seconds is wrong, but you could definitely be out of action in less than ten seconds with the amount of blood loss from a major artery wound especially if it is cut in two.
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    I am a Registered Nurse, my licence you may lookup if you wish.
    We will agree to dissagre on some points.
    3 second for shock settinbg in is nothing, I assure you that bleeding out is not the first problem, shock is.
    The shock is what kills in GSW too. This is why the millitary chose 5.56 over .308, the 3,000 fps .223 (Theroretically) has better shock trauma than the heavier .308
    My original point was not for people to only carry a knife, but to also carry a knife and know how to defend against them. We cannot carry pistols everywhere thanks to the acts of the mentally challanged and our liberal government. So in a mall scenerio, where guns are outlawed, a knife may save your life.