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    Glad to see a section for this, here. Thought I'd share some of this, for any interested-

    For the past few yrs, I've been making some knives, myself- or rather making the handles (of wood) for blades already made by, and then the sheaths in which to carry them. I simply dont have a forge or other equipment to pound out my own blades-yet- though I plan to, eventually.

    The reason I began doing so, came mostly from being on a very limited budget, and a lack of satisfaction with many of the "affordable" knives available "off-the-shelf". And, it was just something I'd always wanted to take a stab at doing.

    After I had made a couple, and shown some buddies, they had asked if they could get some too. And, so began my making of knives for others, on a semi-custom/ one-off basis, and the leather sheaths for them. Word of mouth sort of spread, and soon I had several other folks asking for some to be made.
    So, here's a sampling of a few I have made-








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    and a few more items

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  3. Those are very nice,

    Question: once you make the handles how are you setting the blade in them? I don't see any Rivets.
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    Wow martinus! Those are very nice
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    Ive not used rivets, except on one knife-by specific request from a customer (for cosmetic reasons). Ive found that pins or rivets weaken the wood at the points they are applied, and can result in handle scales cracking and falling off, over time.
    Ive a few store-bought knives to which that happened over time. So I just bond the handles to the full-tangs (these are all full-tang knives, I dont make hidden-tang knives).
    The wood is sanded, and shaped to the tang of the knife, then bonded with strong adhesives. So far, these have held up best, overall. It also makes any repairs, or replacements to handles a lot easier, if needed, though I havent had to so on any of them, as yet.
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    I like all of them but I'm "bothered" by this one. I really prefer my Bowies to have functional cross-guards. :)

    Anyway, nice job. What wood do you prefer to work with? Looks like they've been stained to me, right?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    What do you prefer? Epoxy, I assume.

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. Thanks for the info. I would really like to get a nice knife. I am usually let down by the standard store bought knifes. but i can't bring my self to spend more than $40 on a knife.

    Are the full blade kits good? i was looking at one of the drop point hunters.

    Where are they made? china or US steel?
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    NE Utah
    I get mine here.

    Not sure how wonderful the metal is, but the prices are right, and the knives I've done are decent in my estimation.

    I've done them with pins, and with Corby fasteners, which are bolts; you drill out the wood, put epoxy inside the holes, and they've held up fine.
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    Knifekit claims most of their blades are made in Ohio-but who really knows, anymore-seen some of the same blades from other companies that list em as pakistan, etc., so...But they work, hold an edge fairly well so...

    Crossguard-wise, couldnt find one large enough to go over the tang on that blade. The blade on that one is over 10"s, too lol.

    As for woods, most of these were made with Cherry, which I like a lot. But I also like walnut,and maple. Done a few with Ebony and Rosewood, and a few with Purpleheart-but those are tough, tough woods to work with- days and days of hand-sanding on those.

    As for epoxy, it's actually one of the Gorilla glues- they dry fairly quick, but are the strongest I've found so far, and they bond wood directly to metal very well.
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    I like cross guards too. That way if my hand gets bloody I don't have to worry about it slipping forward and getting cut. That said I'm a certified knife slut and that dark one had me all warm and fuzzy
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    I know what to bring you on my ND trip ;)
    Now to figure out m00nzy :confused:
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    stab resistant vest! :p

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    I've seen enough of E's posts..... The hell with the vest!.... I'm thinking Kevlar underwear..... Two pairs!!!
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    Lol guys Moonz will just be excited if underground doesn't sniff those underwear
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    Yes please.
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    Trying to get him to put out more not less 6x a week isn't enough
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    You get kinda crazy(er?), when knives are the subject...... I just like the thought of Jim and the twins havin a little more between them and keen edged weapons, Than fruit o' the looms!
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    Lmao. Crazy...nope knives were my first love. They protected me when Freddie Kruger was under the bed
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    See!.... That throws up the same warning signs to me as a guy that says his hobbies are carving names into bullets.....;)