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    Isn't a myth. This stuff WORKS!!!

    I would show pics, but I'm not done yet with the project so you guys are going to have to wait. Suffice to say that this stuff takes bluing off in less than 45 minutes with very little scrubbing afterwards! And, the coolest part is that you can do this in an enclosed space without fear of chemical contamiation or fumes (Unless you mix flavours and get an odd combo).

    If you mix it in a medium paste and use a foam paintbrush to apply it, you'll get a smooth, even treatment.

    But be warned: This stuff is STICKY! But water takes it right off...and it stains in it's thick paste form if you get it on any cloth.
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    very odd....

    I am interested in seeing the before and after photos.

  3. What flavor works best? :wink: I'm a huge Kool-Aide fan myself.
  4. Grape Kool-Aid!!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!

    Gonna have to try that out dude, thanks for sharing the experience.
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    No way Primal the grape is nasty.
  6. I like Tropical Punch and Cherry flavors too, but Grape rocks man!
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    All Kool Aid rocks! (If it is made correctly)
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    Man, that's a waste of perfectly good Kool-Aid!
    Maybe that's why bad stuff keeps happening to you Neo, Kool-Aid Man put out a hit on you! :lol:
  9. Your kidding me Huggy, Kool-aid man is gona hire Neo for a spokes man. Sell more kool-aid, make drinks, strip guns, what else?

    Glad to see it worked for someone else. I can only asume that Lemon and pinapple would work best cause of the citric acid... but in reality, how much lemon or pinaple is really in koolaid?

    As far a stickyness, maybe buy the ones with no sugar in it.... the kind you have to add sugar too.... just a thought.
  10. This is going to sound strange but grape Kool-Aid gives me a headache. I think it is some sort of allergic reaction thing or something. All other flavors are good to go.
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    just don't drink the Kool-Aid.
  12. Ya know, at some point I should wonder if I should drink something capable of stripping the finish off a gun.....


    Orange is the best Kool-Aide by the way, but I'll drink whatever's in the pitcher.
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    I think Jim Jones had an extra special recipe for Grape Kool Aid.

    edit: Added source of Kool Aid Brand use , Boston Globe.
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    He used Flavor Aid... A Kool Aid knock-off... I wasn't talking about potassium cyanide... i'm talking about 2 packs kool aid, 2 cups of sugar, fill 1/5 full with hot water, stir untill all sugar is dissolved, top off with coldest water from tap, serve over ice in tall glass.
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    When I was a kid my brother and I used to each pour a pkt of kool aid in our mouths and see who could last longer before having to get a drink... Then we realized that it was starting to remove the enamel from our teeth. I have no doubt it would strip bluing!
  17. maybe mix the Kool aid with coke. Might make a super stripper.
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    Yup, it works.

    Today I bought four packs of Kool-Aide, the kind with out sugar. I got two lemon and two cherry, just to see if there was any noticeable difference. I added just enough water to make a paste, smeared it on my receiver cover and factory rails, wrapped them in paper towels, and let them sit about a half hour. Unwrapped and rinsed of, gave a light scrubbing with a scratch pad sponge. Most of the blueing was stripped off, and I'm sure it would have been totally clean if I had left it longer, but it cleaned most of it off for my purposes.

    I then cleaned with some carb cleaner, then alcohol (to get any grease leftover) and added about four light coats of Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Matte Black. They are curing in as we speak (no baking needed!) and they look great. I'll post pics as soon as she's reassembled.

    In the future, I'll only use Lemon. I thought it might have more citric acid, but the Cherry performed the same. But Cherry stained my fingers so bad I look like a serial killer.
  19. Serial killers are people too.... :D

    Can't wait for the pics!
  20. That should be your new sig line :lol: