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Has anybody any info on this gun, lots of similarities to the XD's, Glock's, M&P's....I'm surprised I haven't heard anything so far considering the quality of all Kimber products (1911's specifically). Price is reasonable considering its competitors
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I had info, have to see if I can find the article.
I was interested as they were supposed to come out with a 9mm and I was interested as I already own and like Kimbers.
Hopefully the wife didn't throw that hagazine away.
yet another poly framed pistol in a deluge of competitors. While i belive there can never be enough guns i think we may have hit the market saturation point of poly framed .40s.

I do own poly framed pistols, and I like them, but this is getting ridiculous. I totally agree with Silicon Wolverine on this point guys.... To me, there is nothing like a solid metal framed pistol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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