Krav Maga

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    I've been taking it in Maryland for the past 4 months, it's awesome. I recommend the program to everyone I meet. Very real-life situational instruction. Do it!

  2. I have seen it before on Human Weapon on History channel. Looks cool, maybe get a video up sometime.

  3. Yeah, I saw it on the History Channel too. What impressed me the most was how fast you can disarm someone and deliver a blow at the same time in the weirdest ways.
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    The name is Hebrew is usually translated as "close combat". The word, krav, means "fight" or "battle". The word, maga, means "touching" or "in contact". A translation like "contact combat", though, can be misconstrued as something like "kick boxing" or "full-contact karate". Krav Maga is not a sport and has no sport aspect. WHICH MAKES IT KICK*Donkey*.
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    The most basic tenet of Krav Maga is to inflict as much damage, as quickly as possible to save your life and so you can get away. For example, in class last night our instructor pitted one person at a time against the entire class with the class using punching tombstones to bat you around. The idea was to try and "stack" your opponents so you don't get surrounded. So, you are essentially punching and elbowing, throwing and angling as hard as you can with everything you have to avoid getting hit from behind. On top of that, the instructor has LOUD rock music playing to make it more chaotic (he even turned off the lights a few times). Needless to say, one against 21 is a rough minute and a half. They make it as chaotic as possible to try and condition your responses in chaotic environments.

    But, it is awesome, and my GF and I have learned alot about basic self defense during out level 1 training over the past 4 months. I recommend it to all my family and friends. It beats going to the gym.
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    Sounds similar to some of my old JKD training I did while in Arizona. That was some interesting training.
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    Nothing wrong with Krav Maga but it is by no means the ultimate martial art. No art is. I have been in the arts for almost 22 years and have seen some excellent as well as some truely crappy Krav fighters. The key is that you like it. That means you will stick with it and that's part of what makes an effective art, you want to learn more about it. However, keep in mind that all arts have weaknesses and always question why you do something one way and not another. Also, keep your eyes open and learn all you can from other martial artists. It will not only make you better at Krav because you will understand how your techniques will apply but it will make you a better fighter because you will also understand the weaknesses of the system. Enjoy your training!!!