Krippp's Wife

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    Hello all, this is Krippp's wife, some of you might have seen a few of my hubby's pics of me but now you'll get my perspective also
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    Welcome aboard!
    Love the avatar!
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    Welcome to the board.
  5. ladies are most deffinantly welcome here. we will no doubt be asking you for the ladies view on things here. glad to have you and enjoy.
  6. Welcome. +1 to the avatar as well.
  7. Always good to have a womens perspective on Hi-points too! Great to have you aboard! I plan on teaching my girlfriend to shoot with my Hi-Point since they shoot so nice. I don't think I will be lucky enough to get her on here but lord knows I will try!!! See you in the boards!!
  8. :dance: Welcome aboard :!: :!: :!:
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    welcome aboard Mrs. Krippp. Glad to have you as a fellow member on this wonderful board. You definitely won't find a greater group of people to answer just about any question you might have.
  11. Hey Mrs Krippp, glad you're here with us. It's good to know the HPFF addiction is spreading! :wink:
  12. Welcome and let your friends know about this site; more women should be happily welcome.

    BTW--way cool avatar!
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    Welcome to the house and Have a great time. I sure hope you enjoy yoursel.

    And please dont be turned away by us Bone heads. :)
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    Mrs.Kripp welcome ,welcome. It will be wonderful to get a females perspective on things. Not counting the extra knowledge you bring to the board allong with your love of the HP. As for being Kripps wife you have my condolences mam. :D :whistle:
  15. Welcome to the family Mrs. Kripp.

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    Hopefully we'll get more females on the board when Stef gets online (she's expressed interest ever since getting one of her own)
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    Welcome!!!! +1000 on the avatar!