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  1. Ridge

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    Dontk now if anybody else has seen this...saw it on the Gunbroker forums...


    .45 Automatic MG.

    Comparison to 1911 and UMP.45 here:

    Article and Discover Channel Future Weapons clip here:
  2. :shock: umm yeah...was it good for you too!

  3. I'm almost 100% positive that they had this weapon on Future Weapons. Very cool :) Hopefully it's a design that catches on, because it really does look like a genuine improvement.
  4. Ridge

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    My original post has a link to the Future Weapons clip at the bottom ;)

    It may be ugly as sin, but it looks like a good step forward!

  5. LOL! Sorry :) I'm at work right now so sometimes I miss some of the "finer" details of these posts :p
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    So, my question is: HOW does this new configuration reduce the recoil of the weapon over previous designs?
  7. Instead of the recoil driving strait back into the operators shoulder, causing a general upward motion while firing, the recoil is driven downward at an angle, not only reducing felt recoil, but helping to counter the natural tendency for the aim point to rise during automatic fire.

    Of course, this could also be a load of BS on my part, as I'm no expert (far from) but that's what it looks like to me anyway :)
  8. Ridge

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    Sounds right to me...the force is directed downward which not only helps reduce recoil, but would also push downward...I notice when shooting pistols the tug on the trigger tends to pull the pistol towards me, and therefore up as my wrist swivels....
  9. If I remember the FW ep there is a series of rollers like this


    in the grip and they compress at a downward angle. it looks really slick.

    Sorry the forum is condensing it. basicly it's a triangle that flexes and alters the kick.
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    I think Jennifer Garners character in "The Kingdom" used one of those. I saw it on FW also, sweet looking weapon.
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    So,have the makers of this gun just reduced the felt recoil to the shoulder, BUT, transferred some of the felt recoil to the shooting hand/grip and wrist, causing a different, worse problem for smaller,less strong parts of the anatomy? If so, I'd pass on that gun in favor of one the "old style" kickers.