Krylon is my new favorite company.

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  1. I contacted Krylon to find out which clearcoat I should use to protect the camo paint I was about to apply to the extra TS stock I had just gotten from MoM. I almost didn't expect a response, but the one I got made me chuckle a bit. I will now use Krylon wherever applicable because of this.

    "Dear Jacob,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Krylon. We appreciate your interest in our products.

    The Matte Finish 1311 is more for interior use. It would be best to use the Crystal Clear Flat 53530. I used it when I painted my AR a few months ago. It did not add any shine to it. I put three coats over the paint, to protect it.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please respond back if you require additional assistance.


    Krylon Product Support"
  2. I used krylon fusion to paint a airsoft we use for practice at home. It has held up for over 5 years. didn't use any clear.

  3. I'm mostly worried about being able to clean the stock with soap and water if I need to. I also always like to use a clear coat over paint jobs, I'm just particular about that.
  4. Soap and water will be fine, just be careful of solvents. If you are going to use solvents then Eastwood makes a clear that is solvent resistant. But it is not cheap.
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    Gotta love Krylon!
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    Krylon = HPFF's dirty little secret.
  7. Craig deserves a promotion. He just sold more Krylon paint with that post than probably any other salesman in their workforce.
  8. Yep. No doubt about it. Yer infected with the bling bug.

    Please post photos of the patient, post-op ;)
  9. Will do :D

    I painted Wed. night, so I'm going to let it cure for at least a week before I assemble it, but I'll try to remember to snap some pictures of the stock when I get home from work today.
  10. That is what I thought! Also, Craig didn't let me down. The Flat Clear he recommended dried really clear and really flat. Bravo, sir.
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    I just picked up my first 4595 and have not shoot it yet not stripped it tonight and started to paint it with Krylon of course. just need to pick up the clear coat. I also just painted 9 AR15 mags that are the original ones I had in the army. Darn brake cleaner took all the finish off of them.:mad:
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    No pics, it never happened!
  13. Crappy pics, but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

    The only thing that is even remotely unique about mine is the grip. I painted the whole stock "sand" first, then taped off and painted the grip, and then clear coated the entire thing. It may or may not be apparent by the photos, but the finish is very flat. That was in a dark room with camera flash.




    Luckily, the only important image (the grip) came out well... It is Rustoleum textured paint. I would obviously have rather used Krylon, but my local Walmart didn't have the Krylon Textured. I used Krylon Camo and Clear Coat.
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    I like it.


    Don't know why.
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    Will post when finished
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    I missed this when it came out originally. Krylon is my new fave now and I will absolutely use their products.
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    The start of my 4595 paint job

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  18. That looks great moona11!
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    Redoing my HP 45 to match. Its on the p
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