Kudos to LongShot Manufacturing!!!

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  1. I just installed the low profile scope rail and bottom rail on my 995. Breakdown and installation of both rails, including drilling the holes for the bottom rail took a little over an hour, mainly because I'd never disassembled my 995 before. Both pieces were quality work and easy to install. The interior block that supports the bottom rail fit like a glove, there was no play or movement of the interior support block and it helps stiffen up the forward portion of the stock.

    I'd originally planned on mounting a picatinny rail on the bottom of my stock but opted for LongShot's bottom rail because it's angled so the rail is parallel to the barrel and I'm glad I did. I didn't realize how flexible the 995 stock is or how much interior bracing there is until I had it apart. I'd have screwed up the stock for sure trying to come up with a way to attach the rail. Thank you for saving me from myself!

    Now I just need a Joey Keychain, Iowatriker shroud and one of Mr Green's bolt handles and I'll be ready to have the stock dipped, if I can ever decide on a pattern.

    Thanks, LongShot, love the products and whole heartedly recommend them.
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    You know we have some very talented members on this forum!
    They don't have to do what they do, they are NOT getting rich, I don't think?
    Each one of them has a nitche, and I for one greatly appreciate what they DO. Besides who else is going to make parts for a gun that most of the free world sticks their nose up at, or looks down on?

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    Thats awesome!! I just put a simmons scope on my 995ts and I can definitely tell there is alot of flex in the rail. I might just have to get one of the top rails from LongShot to stiffen everything up. Thanks for a great review of the products from LongShot!
  4. I ordered mine from Longshot yesterday, can't wait to slap it on! Should make scopes a bit sturdier.